Friday, October 15, 2010

you may think it's weird...

but i'm ok with that.

via domino

you see, i have this giant long wall that is (awesomely) covered in bookshelves and a fireplace in my living room. a fireplace that looks just like the one below with a brick hearth and bricks up to the ceiling.

i just gave them both a new face of super glossy white paint, and now i want something to hang up there. something that is also awesome... i used to have a mirror but everyone has a mirror :)

via domino

domino was my favorite magazine (you already know about my magazine addiction) but i saved every issue and still go back to re-read them. i have been drooling over the 2 images above since i saw them... but back then, i didn't have the perfect place for one of those marlins. NOW... i do!

i have checked all over the web for one (that i can afford). there are a few for sale through fish-mounting companies but i'd prefer mine vintage, especially with their prices.

anyway, we were down south this past weekend and you better believe i kept my eye out for a marlin in every antique/thrift store i went in. (i live in kansas and we are a little ways away from an ocean, and i figure i'm not as likely to find one of these big fishes around here!)

via peacock feathers -- which was purchased in an antique store!

i had no luck. but i'm not giving up. maybe one day i'll stumble upon one on craigslist or something. i can wait.

this sailfish is via unknown

until then, i will just put my mirror back up and dream of something far cooler ;)

also unknown

via life magazine

they were even cool in the 60's! this one hung in the white house under jfk, in press secretary george reedy's office. love.

like i said, maybe you might think it's weird. i think they're cute.

my grandpa was a hunter growing up and he had all sorts of animals and fish around (no marlins or sailfish... i already asked). when he died, my grandma got rid of most of them... except for the zebra rug (i definitely don't agree with killing animals either but it's already been done) but that's another post for another day :)

happy friday and have a good weekend... let me know if you're sick of your marlin and would like to find him a new home!


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