Tuesday, October 19, 2010

with the leaves falling outside...

makes me want to bring some leaves inside to tide me over through winter!

what i really want is a citrus tree, more specifically a kumquat tree.

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i don't claim to be a green thumb. in fact i have killed 2(!) palm trees that i've tried to keep in my house. in my defense of the last little guy, i went on vacation to paris and my mom forgot to water him ;)

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although they have great shiny foliage and sweet smelling aromas, i hear citrus plants can be a little finicky...

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so maybe i should stick with a fiddle leaf fig.

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they have just become so popular and trendy over the past few years....

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don't know what plant or plants i will go with but my point is, i love fall but i don't love when all the leaves actually fall off. so i thought i'd bring some life into my house before that happens. an indoor tree is a great option, not to mention what it does for the air quality of your home... nasa recommends you have a plant per room! (can't remember where i heard that. i think maybe over on young house love... not sure the accuracy of that statement, but still!)

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want to know the cherry on top?

they make your rooms look gorgeous :)


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  1. triple love your blog today ... love all the indoor trees ... makes me want to get one since i have no furniture!