Friday, October 8, 2010

carving party

as most of my friends know i don't love everything about halloween. i don't prefer the dressing up part, but i am not a total bah humbug when it comes to the holiday, as i love the pumpkin carving part.

i have tried to make it an annual tradition to do a little get together with friends, a byop party if you will. as i was flipping through marth stewart living this month (we all know martha loves halloween) i was incredibly impressed with the gorgeous jack-o-lanterns she featured.

i couldn't find photos of all of them online, but she does offer the templates to create your own. i can tell you right now mine will not look that good...

but this isn't a competition...all i care about is friends getting together enjoying the season, getting their hands dirty, and having some good fall soup.

this may be a bit premature, but with time flying as quickly as it is i thought i should start thinking about our annual carving party

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