Friday, December 30, 2011

flowers for friday #74

happy new year



farewell to another year.
it has been quite something.

onwards and upwards!

and we better stock up,
because i have a feeling this weekend is going to be quite something as well :)

happy new year!!!!!!

please be safe this weekend.
and don't do anything i wouldn't do!



Thursday, December 29, 2011

happy new... life!!

remember my post last year for the fun nye wedding?
with confetti and dots galore.

i recently stumbled upon this dress below, from doug hannant.
and i have to say i was a little jealous i wasn't getting married this weekend.
so perfect for a new year's eve wedding celebration.

a whole lot beautiful. a lot sparkly. a little different. a little sexy.

these would be my maids.
a rockin crew of gorgeous women and gowns
in a pallette especially festive.

and my cake.
beautiful and metallic.

and you can't forget the sparkles and champagne for the guests!!

dream nye wedding.

last day to sign up for our giveaway!!


{mades via mimi and meg; cake via postcards and pretties; last photo via design*sponge}

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

silver and gold.

i was a brownie when i was little.
the step before you're a girl scout.
then i bowed out.

loved the crafts! and obviously loved the cookies!
not sure why i quit.
but i'll never forget the song about silver and gold.

fellow brownies, shall we?!

make new friends,
but keep the old.
one is silver
and the other's gold.
a circle is round,
it has no end...
that's how long i'm going to be your friend.

aaahhh dork.

last hump day of 2011... live it up!
and don't forget to sign up for our little giveaway!!


{images via vogue, long long time ago.}

giveaway day!

**UPDATE: contest is no longer accepting entries**

hey party people.

elle and i are really excited about our very first giveaway here on the blue house.
the lovely ladies over at shabby apple, a great destination for all sorts of lovely women's dresses, have decided to give one of our fantabulous readers this dress:

their kanani dress!

looks vintage and lovely and a little anthro-esque, no?

just in time for your winter escape to an island in the sun...
but i'm pretty sure i could work it into my winter wardrobe, too.

some polyvore magic,
for the winter months:

kanani dress-- winter

Vince knit top, $199
Nylon tight, $20
Frye slouchy boots, $328
Miss Selfridge satchel bag, £32
Mulberry leaf necklace, $270
Cluster stud earrings, £20
Peter Lang leather belt, $145
Shabby Apple - Kanani

and now for your vacay plans... or you can wait until spring:

kanani dress - spring

P A R O S H drape cardigan, £172
ALDO cowgirl boots, $150
Statement necklace, $28
Wet Seal fedora hat, $11
Dorothy Perkins tan belt, $9
Shabby Apple - Kanani


1-- you must be a follower of the blue house,
over there to the right.

2-- like shabby apple on facebook.

3-- then leave us a comment here telling us exactly where and/or how you'd
wear this lovely kanani dress!

*contest open to all US residents

make sure to check back here on friday to see if you're the lucky winner!!

good luck, lovers. picks lucky #3!

congratulations MRS. MEG NOHE!!
email us with your information.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the simple things...

like the beauty of the winter sunset in central park...


Monday, December 26, 2011


i think i'm suffering from a sugar-induced coma.

better make some hot chocolate to help me out of it.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

holiday spirit...

does anyone else find that the tiffany 2011 holiday ad campaign evokes a wonderful feeling of romance, winter bliss, holiday celebrating and fabulous, fancy fun!!!


Friday, December 23, 2011

flowers for friday #73

see you back here on monday!

have a happy christmas.

the blue house.

merry christmas!

however you say it...

wishing you a very merry christmas.

with my photoshop skills growing and growing over this past year, i was really excited to make our christmas card from scratch this year. here she goes.

warm wishes.


Thursday, December 22, 2011


is just sand.

until you put it under a microscope!

how gorgeous are these maui sand bits?
like little micro jewels.

who knew?


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

under a rock.

that's where i've been living apparently.
i finally made my way over to the insanely inspiring fashion blog, atlantic-pacific.

pinterest is dripping with images of her and her outfits... i had just never stopped by.
and i have been sorely missing out!

she goes by bee.
she has THOUSANDS of people who read her blog religiously.
was just featured in vogue for being an inspiring fashion blogger lady.
she works in merchandising [all i could gather from her blog].
she has to have a closet the size of my house...
and a clothes budget the size of my mortgage for that matter :)
she's girly and bohemian and classy all whipped into one... inspiring to say the least.

just on the off chance that you are like me and have never seen for yourself:

and her nails are always a great color, too.

christmas break has officially started for me!
i'm out and about finishing up my procrastinated shopping.



Monday, December 19, 2011

if a dress could kill...

this one would do the job.

i can't decide if its the ammmazing back and color of this dress...
or it just being on a model with perfect porcelain skin and rockin red hair?

but it's an outstanding dress.

i found in on the sidetab of a website for an ideeli ad...
i belong to ideeli, and granted i don't visit everyday, but i missed this sale!!

i tried googling around to find who makes it but i'm strapped for time and couldn't find it in my preliminary searches...
anyone know?
spill it.


visions of sugarplums

did you all have a good weekend?

mine went way too quickly.
i still have a list of things to be done before next weekend rolls around.

but yay for short work weeks!


{images via pinterest, full house, tilly maison}

Friday, December 16, 2011

flowers for friday 71 & 72

looks like we forgot friday flowers last week.

the shame!

here's two festives to make up for it.

happy weekend.
mine's full of holiday parties. love this time of year.



{images via design*sponge and unknown}

Thursday, December 15, 2011

a must!

grab your friends, hot chocolate in beautiful thermoses, your skates and sleds, festive treats, and the peppermint schnapps of course!
add a little snow...

and you'll have yourself a merry little winter picnic.


{image via}