Monday, February 28, 2011

killer kicks

crazy cool shoes. worthy of an entire editorial in vogue turkey.
i cannot wait to get a pedi and wear shoes like these again.


my february art

it's the last day of feb and i just placed my order for the newest member of my art fam (for my sad bare walls).

it's a way to have my wedding bouquet live forever without screaming "i'm a wedding picture."

i took one of my wedding photos (below) and zoomed in on my flowers and then rotated it in photoshop. i obviously love these colors... how many times have you seen me use them just on this blog alone, honestly?

as soon as it gets here, i think i want an ornate-ish gold frame for it with a white mat.

i thought it was a sweet idea. whatcha think?


{ps-- i am super giddy because today is monday and that means one thing: the bachelor is on tonight!! elle declared her guilty pleasure for idol on friday, and well, consider this my "i'm-embarrassed-to-admit-but-i-really-love-the-bachelor" guilty pleasure. yay for mondays and yay for team emily}

Friday, February 25, 2011

flowers for friday #30

and the oscar goes to....

i'm excited for sunday's oscars. this red carpet season has not disappointed.
is it sad to say that i like watching the before shows on E! better than the actual awards?

what are your plans? happy friday.


{flowers via design*sponge and oscar party setting from coco + kelley}

Thursday, February 24, 2011

robyn brooks

i have been meaning to share this for quite sometime (like before christmas), but things come and go in my mind and something usually happens that peaks my interest and reminds me of what i was going to do. honestly, there are so many things that inspire me and if i don't put them out there right away they get lost in this crazy brain of mine.

i would like to introduce robyn brooks, a kansas city native now living in new york (and sister of a friend of mine from high school and college), who recently launched a fabulous line of luxury home accents and accessories from bangles to lamps in cork, unique frames in alligator, and fun leather accessories. the perfect gift for the interior design fashionista robyn has a great range of price points. with experience in new york working at michael kors, manolo blahnik and kara ross, robyn has been working with accessories for most of her career. as a bit of a home body robyn found herself looking for personal pieces in fun colors and textures that represented her style for her own home...unable to find exactly what she was looking for she was inspired to create her own!

i just recently spotted her things at elizabeth bauer on greenwich avenue in new york, and saw her featured in garden and gun earlier this month, not to mention mrs. blandings shout out about her trunk show in kansas city back in november. here is a list of all the stores carrying her things, and if you want to buy online you can do so here.

all i can say is you better hurry because it looks like things are really taking off for this girl!!


a minor confession...

i must admit i am still an idol watcher. yes, i know, i can't believe it either, but i just can't quit...and miss j. lo doesn't make it any easier. i love her sensitive input and normal it pathetic that i have had tears welling in my eyes for the past 4 episodes (poor jaycee). keep your negative responses to yourself please :)

idol fan or not this gucci ad for their children's line that launched in october should make anyone a jennifer fan (and who can resist those adorable twins of hers). gucci has partnered with unicef to pledge US $1 million to unicef’s “schools for africa”.

let's touch base in march and see how we all feel about idol (go paul mcdonald!!).


do we... fuschia purple with turquoise?

(although, i would have nixed the necklace and just gone with the earrings.)


{images: diaz in dior in 2007, and sara gilbane interiors}

before and after goodies

if you are anything like me, you live for a good before and after. i have one to share!

it's not mine. it's from the petersik's over at young house love. they did their guest room in a week. from start to finish. and most of it in the last 2 days.

if you don't know this couple yet, i recommend stopping by. they are the very first blog i ever started reading. and their previous (first) house is pretty darn similar to mine. there's alot of things done on a budget and even more diy. sounds familiar ;)
anyway-- back to their transformation:

cute right? they say there are more things to be done, and i'm excited to see. the colors are fab. their old house was alot of white and cream and lighter colors so i'm loving their new direction- a bit more bold and playful.

go here to see more. they give the full breakdown, as usual. they don't keep any secrets in where things come from and how much they cost.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

toffee bars

what better time for a little sugar rush then this sunny wednesday afternoon?

i hosted a few ladies last night for our book club and wanted to share the recipe for these delicious treats i served. they are from the cookbook "beyond parsley", a kansas city junior league cookbook.

toffee cookie bars

1 c butter, room temp
1 c brown sugar
1 egg yolk
1 c flour
6 1.45 oz. chocolate bars
(we used chocolate chips instead)
2/3 c chopped pecans

cream together butter, brown sugar and egg yolk. add flour and stir until mixed. spread mixture in a 10x15 inch jellyroll pan which has been lined with greased foil. bake 20 minutes at 350 degrees or until brown. immediately top with candy bars (or chocolate chips). when melted, spread bars with a spatula and top with pecans.

(we sprinkled the top with a little salt while the chocolate was still soft which i highly recommend)


hangin' around

who doesn't love the quirkiness of a hanging chair. perfect for a kid's room, a vintage eclectic look or a modern sleek home the hanging chair of the sixties is fun and unique.

via my inspiration notebook- source unknown

this one can be yours for $300 if you live in the wilmington delaware is local pick up only on ebay.

because hanging in a chair is always better than being grounded...


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

hello. i live here....

when i close my eyes and think only happy thoughts. oh, and in my wildest dreams.

it's the vacation home of icaro and cristina fernandes, with their 5 children (ages 3-24).

it's located in brazil, between sao paulo and rio... in a spot so remote only to be reached by boat or helicopter. hmm.

pretty gorgeous, huh?

word is on the street, that is a location where they filmed/are filming part of the new twilight movie. not a twilight fan but elle and i do have a friend who gets quite into it... hey b ;)

go here to read more about it.



...into spring one blue shoe at a time.
(ha- such a clever pun, i know.)

this lady has it goin on.
love the blue (which is e.v.e.r.y.where right now. seriously- the blogosphere is digging this shade for spring.) and the little cuffs on her skinnies. everyone around her looks like winter. ho hum, we're over it... she looks like spring is on its way and i like it.


Monday, February 21, 2011

oxfords for the boys.

i think these oxfords by cole haan are just the thing i would like to see the boys running around in this spring.

actually, for that matter, the girls too!!


ducks in a row

i have to say there is a large part of me that loves symmetry and order. it is comforting and clean.

as hard as i try to fly by my seat, let things fall into place, or toss something here or there it does not come naturally. i do like my ducks in a row.

does that make me square?! i sure hope not.


i think this works especially well when you have a themed group of artwork all from the same family, the same size and have the same frame.

Friday, February 18, 2011

flowers for friday #29

thought we could all use something bright and cheery.

have wonderful long weekends!


{see more from this wedding at snippet and ink}

day after photos

remember when i said that i wish i could marry my husband over and over again? to get the opportunity to use all the cool things i find, and execute all the great ideas i see, in a million different ways.

well. here's another reason why:

it's a 'day after' session of a lovely couple named kat and chris, who were married on anguilla the day before.

the photographers were the insanely talented duo who make up unusually fine photography.

#1-- i wish would have gotten married on an island. i suggested it but my dad gently said veto.

i'm one of 5 children, the rest boys, and he and my mom said they wanted to throw a big party here... so i said sure. i like big parties. and i did love my wedding! no regrets. except that there wasn't an ocean ;)

#2-- i wish i would have done a day after session with my photographers. it's becoming the cool thing to do now. your dress is already dirty and needs to be sent to the cleaners... so why not wear it one more time around town and take some fantastic photos? you're glowing from the whole "i just got married" thing and probably couldn't be happier... it's only logical.

another perk: you can wear chunky jewels... or boots... or a bright colored belt with your dress that you wouldn't dream of wearing on your actual wedding day. you know, funk it up a bit. wear your hair in a ponytail-- go crazy.

and then you'll have images to cherish, such as these. for the rest of your days.

first she started out in her dress, he in his wedding ensemble.

then she changed into something a little more comfy.

too perfect, right?

if you aren't married yet, keep this in your back pocket.
and, if you are looking for a photographer to travel to anguilla with you, i could be your girl :)

happy friday!


go here to see more, more of their wedding and more of the day after-- all stunning.

and thanks to unusually fine for letting me share.