Monday, February 28, 2011

my february art

it's the last day of feb and i just placed my order for the newest member of my art fam (for my sad bare walls).

it's a way to have my wedding bouquet live forever without screaming "i'm a wedding picture."

i took one of my wedding photos (below) and zoomed in on my flowers and then rotated it in photoshop. i obviously love these colors... how many times have you seen me use them just on this blog alone, honestly?

as soon as it gets here, i think i want an ornate-ish gold frame for it with a white mat.

i thought it was a sweet idea. whatcha think?


{ps-- i am super giddy because today is monday and that means one thing: the bachelor is on tonight!! elle declared her guilty pleasure for idol on friday, and well, consider this my "i'm-embarrassed-to-admit-but-i-really-love-the-bachelor" guilty pleasure. yay for mondays and yay for team emily}

1 comment:

  1. What an inspiring idea - love it and maybe need to rip off and duplicate!!! Also, take heed that there are many other "cult" members out there that share your guilty pleasure. And could I PLEASE have an ounce of Emily's flawless looks and southern charm???