Tuesday, July 30, 2013

would you leave it wood?

because i so would.

i've been in my house now for 4 years and while we've come a long way from where we started, there is still quite a bit of things i want to do to this house before we call her finished.
but now i'm at this point where i'm itching to move. to start over.
do i leave this house, with a face lift, just not a full reconstructive work up....
or do i stick it out for another 2 years and see her through?

prob going to stay.

but if i were looking for houses right about now, i'd probably be looking for wood paneling.

and who does that?


here's why:

it can be so funky good.
like here with that bright yellow velvet.
hell yes.

and with white.
oh with white.

or when you're over the darkness, you can still make it awesome before you paint it white!

what do you think?
would you just take it out or paint it?
or would you leave it or white wash it?


{images via: architectural digest, kelly wearstler, pinterest and pinterest, elle decor, country living mag, pinterest, pinterest again, and thom filicia's lake house}  

Friday, July 26, 2013

flowers for friday #156

happy weekend!

my parents are getting married again!
on our dock at the lake!
not really again again, they're renewing their vows.
it was their 30th anniversary this july and so i decided they needed a party.
and more vows :)

we're at our lake house getting ready already.
it's tomorrow night and we have lots of our family and friends on their way to stay at both our house and nearby... for the wedding of course!

i'm excited.
my mom bought a cute little white dress and we even bought a cake. ha.

i've massed all their old wedding photos into one hell of a slideshow...
and we're going to do this thing.

hope you have a great weekend.



{image via vogueliving}

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

making breakfast...

and then eating it...

wouldn't be so bad in a kitchen like this:

this is from a house tour over on design*sponge.
from the creator of {this is glamorous}.
so you know it's gotta be good!

the whole thing is really beautiful and feminine,
i was just enamored with that kitchen.
wood and white. (and the mix of old china doesn't hurt!)

i'm thinking my next kitchen will be a variation of wood, with modern white.
90% of my favorite kitchens include that combo.

and so there you go.



Friday, July 19, 2013

flowers for friday #155

one real post this week?

but i've been so busy i can't even.
photography is kicking my ass you guys.
and its the best ass kicking i've had, ever.
so happy to say i'm swamped when i get home from work!
so that's what i do in every free moment, is edit.

yay for busy business editing!

i have lots i wanna share.

til next time!!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2 very handsome men and a house.

and those 2 handsome men...
both of whom i have secret crushes on...
are nate berkus and jeremiah brent.

you know nate berkus.
but did you watch rachel zoe last season?
because then you'd also know jeremiah brent.
(i did and i thought she was nuts for letting him go.)

but they are now together,
making house dreams come true. together.
in the hollywood hills.

cue the envy!!

i wish i had the restraint to dress my home in a variation of three colors, plus the original mint kitchen. it's so beautiful.

i follow them both on instagram, and they truly look happy together.
and that makes me happy for them.

all this found in the latest harper's bazaar.


Friday, July 12, 2013

flowers for friday #154

enjoying summer?
gosh me, too.

photo by jose villa.

happy friday.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

another surf shack.

who's surprised?
i'm now convinced i was never supposed to live in kansas for the rest of my life and an ocean must be involved for the rest of it.
at least a vacation home i can escape to... my current lake house does the job but i didn't get far, in missouri.

did you see this in the new lonny?

its another bachelor-pad-montauk-surf-shack dream of a house in the hamptons.
this time belonging to a photographer, ben watts, who've i've had a photography crush on for forever.

compared to my my other favorite montauk shack, which i posted, almost to the day, this time last year, it's a little more refined. still tons of edge and tons of i love it.
with lots of really cool australian-turned-new yorker-bachelor details.
i've heard the parties here aren't forgotten.

in case you missed it, here are some of my favorite details.
and you can obviously, find lots more here at lonny.


my only visit to the hamptons didn't involve montauk and now i'm also convinced i should go.

elle, can we sometime soon?!??!!



Wednesday, July 10, 2013

just a few things.

here are a few things that i've gathered from the instagram
in the past few days.

two things i want.
and one that is just plain pretty.

first up, these camo sneaks from target.
in the little boys section.
yes, i'm being serious.
and only $17.
going to get them at lunch.
(you can get them online for $19 here)

i think they'd make really rad photography-taking workin shoes.
with either some rolled skinnies or cut-offs.

(via @targetdoesitagain)

then these:

currently from calypso st. barth.
i'm on a mission to make that long light purple one. so cute.

and then i'll take either of those 2 beaded pendents on the right.
they aren't online but some other good ones are, here.

(via @taylorsterling)

now, this:

i really couldn't sleep last night.
like up from 1-5am couldn't sleep.

so i was creeping the internet and instagram.
i found @southsocialandhome.
she's working with emily henderson on that reception place they're re-doing.
i'm excited to see it unfold, bc i already love anything emily henderson touches but now i love this cute blonde, too! and i think they may like vintage as much as the other...
her name is dean and she blogs here. and her website here.

what i'm really trying to say, is that her amazing southern wedding was just featured on martha stewart and it's a good one you guys!!
gold sequin mini dresses for the maids, and hers is vintage!
no details were spared.
so pretty!!

you can read the martha bit here.
and see more their photos here.

i'm going to go take a nap on the conference room table now.
not really but i wish i could.

happy wednesday.


Monday, July 8, 2013

new old

my mom and i sorta share magazines, i read her leftovers...
so i just got around to this spring issue (march 2013) of real simple recently.

i tore these pages out as soon as i saw them.

i can't pin down exactly what triggered my visceral reaction to these pages,
but it was hard.

i think it was the white walls, especially white painted brick.
i am really loving them more lately... the white wall thing.
and the rugs. and the art!
oh and the color/pattern extravaganza. obviously.
and the mismatched/anthropologie effect.

prob the combo of all that mushed together.

took me awhile to hunt them down on real simple but if you want the details on the clothes, you can read all about them here.

Friday, July 5, 2013

flowers for friday #153

the 4th of july does a really good job of making it feel like summer!

so, here's to that.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013


i'm outta here.

happy 4th!

i'm already enjoying my 5 day weekend.