Thursday, July 11, 2013

another surf shack.

who's surprised?
i'm now convinced i was never supposed to live in kansas for the rest of my life and an ocean must be involved for the rest of it.
at least a vacation home i can escape to... my current lake house does the job but i didn't get far, in missouri.

did you see this in the new lonny?

its another bachelor-pad-montauk-surf-shack dream of a house in the hamptons.
this time belonging to a photographer, ben watts, who've i've had a photography crush on for forever.

compared to my my other favorite montauk shack, which i posted, almost to the day, this time last year, it's a little more refined. still tons of edge and tons of i love it.
with lots of really cool australian-turned-new yorker-bachelor details.
i've heard the parties here aren't forgotten.

in case you missed it, here are some of my favorite details.
and you can obviously, find lots more here at lonny.


my only visit to the hamptons didn't involve montauk and now i'm also convinced i should go.

elle, can we sometime soon?!??!!



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