Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!!!

{via this is glamorous}

this is my kind of costume :) less is more in my mind.
be safe today!!!


Friday, October 28, 2011

flowers for friday #65

happy halloween!! be safe this weekend


magenta and wine

or raspberry and maroon.
which ever way you say it. right now i'm obsessed.

maybe my den is needing some fall/winter inspired colors to warm it up for the cold months ahead, but i am about to buy this fabric and make me some pillows. i would really love to uphoslter a chair in it
but being as expensive as it is, i just couldn't make my cheap self pull the trigger.

it's been all over the place for years and years and years but that doesn't mean i love it any less.

david hicks, la fiorentina in the wine/magenta colorway.
some examples of it's greatness from domino:

i love it paired with camel and brown with a hint of black. 

God knew it was awesome when he made these.

i think it's an underused pairing and not sure why.

happy friday!!


{images via domino, interiors-porn blog, shopbop, rsh catalog, because it's awesome blog, pinterest}

Thursday, October 27, 2011

needs a home

i have already found a spot in my imaginary dream home where this purple and white patterned tile can live. 



holy moly

this impossibly long week seems like it's never going to end.
both of my works are piling up. and i. do. not. like. that. feeling.
i wish i could take lots of half days and have lots of picnics but alas, life gets in the way.

i'm dreaming of the weekend on thursday afternoon.
don't judge.

here's what i'm also dreaming of:
snuggles with sweaters and sequins.

tonight i have 3 pumpkins that are going to get their carve on.

these little dotted party pumpkins are pretty cute.
i just might be copying...
i am more excited for the seeds that come along with carving more than the actual pumpkins though.

i roast mine 3 different ways:
1- just salt and pepper.
2- season salt and any other herbs/spices i fancy.
2- salt and sugar. omg. think kettle corn. and thank me later.


happy friday-is-almost-here-and-that-means-the-weekend-is-sure-to-follow!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

birthday picnic.

i turned 28 yesterday.

i didn't want a party, i didn't want a huge big deal made.
i just wanted a picnic with 2 of my favorite beings.
and thanks to God, the weather was nothing short of amaze. an 83 degree day full of nothing but sunshine and breezes. back to layers and chills today. lucky lucky lucky.

i took a half day off work and we made our way to loose park to have ourselves a picnic.

french bread, fresh olive oil marinated mozzarella, chocolate tart, lemonade, a quilt, and a caramel macaroon. {because it was #1 caramel, #2 a macaroon, and #3 i have no self control around that winning combination}

check, check, and check.

shorts and flip flops!
{and white legs!}

fall leaves.

a nap.

crazy beautiful view.

my pup.

this tart was more than what we had expected.
that white whipped gooey-ness...
was homemade marshmallowww, people!

that's the face that is required when eating heaven.

check out the marshmallow stache.
lookin good, babe :)

and because i'm always the one behind the lens... (this was our old point and shoot)
husband was snapping some of his very own.
i need to make a point to be present in our pictures more often.

the fam.

add all that up and it =
the best birthday spent yet.

be back shortly!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a bit brisk

i can feel it. things are about to turn chilly!!!
enjoy these last gorgeous fall days...


happy birthday jill :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

black halloween.

there's something so creepily charming about an all matte black
halloween. a little bit unusual, a little bit grown-up, but a whole lotta cool.
nothing screaming halloween, and i like it!

i even like the thought of making one of those 'eeek.' cross stitches
to keep in a cheeky place all year round. what if you hung it next to a mirror?
or in your bathroom and made an 'eew.'? i think that is funny.

might have just made myself laugh thinking about it.

are we having a good monday?


{images via sweet paul magazine}


birthday's tomorrow. not too happy about getting closer to thirty with every single day...
and this birthday is certainly making me feel closer to the big 30.
but i do love my birthday and
right now i love anything and everything and all things gold.

if husband is reading, take notes :)

some examples:

this miu miu dress. i die.
{it's called a birthday wishlist, afterall}

a gold lame tufted chair.
and throw the oil painting in for good measure.

carmel counts as gold. because i said so.

borderline sweet, borderline rockstar studs from urban.

you know it.
just add candles.

check that, leave the 90,029,384 candles off ;)

love love love.


Friday, October 21, 2011

flowers for friday #64

i have a fun fall weekend chalked full of fall festivities...
sounds like a tongue twister :)

have a good one.

love love.


{photo via green wedding shoes}

Thursday, October 20, 2011

natasha law

jude law's artist sister.

she paints feminine {and a little sassy} silhouettes in great colors and i'm in love.

this one is my favesies:


2 things i love:

color and modern art.

especially mixed with traditional surroundings. 


{all paintings from natasha law, 2 interiors from sarah gilbane interiors and town and country mag}

would you ever?

let's talk about this.
would you take a stuffed fish
{which i usually don't find very attractive}--
spray it with a can of gold spray paint
{to make it a little more attractive in my other opinion....i'm of the thought that
most things could look better with a spray of gold}--
and hang it on your wall??

i'm not going to lie. i kinda like.
especially when wearing a hat.