Tuesday, August 31, 2010

room built for two

at one point i considered devising a plan to put two twin beds in our spare room...

but then i realized that was quite unrealistic as that room serves as the laundry room, the craft room, the sit in front of 4 computer screens for long hours room, the tear out magazine pages and lay them all over the floor room, the shut the door and pretend it isn't a disaster room, the put all the furniture you don't love in it and hope it works room, the pets room (yes, we have a fish), the out of season storage room, and last, but not least, the guest room.

via bunny williams for lonny

via lonny

via plush palate

we opted for a daybed with a trundle that tutu had instead, which is a much more space friendly option, but doesn't offer the symmetry and balance that is so harmonious with two identical twin beds.

turner pocock

astor courts via habitually chic


Monday, August 30, 2010

the chevron stripe

i have a big post for you today. i just had so many photos to share.

ginger jar via domino

via allorahandmade

via domino

via lonny

"east village" organic fabric ads from rubie green

i had most of these images saved in my files from years of loving the chevron stripe.

chevron fabric from maggie g. designs

via jonathan adler

it could go kinda funky and mod.....

melamine plate from la plates (a kc company!)

via the decorista

or it could go quiet and traditional.

via peacock feather

you could paint the floor in chevron stripes for a fun place to put your feet every morning you get out of bed!

via real living

or add a small element, like just one pillow in a chevron fabric, for a punch to wake up a space.


via cote de texas

or a small side chair, also in rubie green's east village print.

via decorpad, but originally in domino

via high heeled foot in the door, but again... orginally in domino

sequin pillow via swoonworthy

try a chevron stripe in sequins. i love this pillow.

via christina murphy interiors

look at this waterproof beauty... marble tiles in a chevron pattern. i also heart this bathroom and shower floor. christina murphy is genius.

via yes,please

one woman added chevron stripes to her wedding stationary suite! with a yellow and white rsvp card.

don't remember where this image comes from but that is a west elm rug

this pattern is very do-able. for the traditionalists or those that are more modern, and certainly everyone in between.

via decorpad

west elm's zigzag rug, via west elm

i love this pattern. it adds life, it adds texture, it adds interest.

try it in small doses or grand (if you're the daring type).

big fan.


Friday, August 27, 2010

flowers for friday #4

image via pink preppy lilly lover

i have a bright wildflower bouquet for you today.

i have a friend's wedding this weekend and thought it was just perfect.

have a good one :)


true whale watching

in june my husband and i drove to cape cod for the weekend to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. we decided we needed to spend more time and effort exploring the northeast, and we both love car trips, so it was the ideal spot. we stayed in chatham and explored the other towns as much as possible. on sunday morning before the trek back to nyc we drove up to provincetown to go whale watching

being my first time, i was like a kid in a candy shop. whales baffle me. their mysterious, graceful, seemingly gentle ways. their incredible size. the thousands of miles they cover migrating. such giants.

we were incredibly pleased with our outing that sunday spotting at least 8-10 humpback whales, a few very close to the boat. this reminded me of the articles i had read in the spring about the work of photographer bryant austin, and put my whale watching experience to shame.

bryant austin creates high-resolution, life-size photographs of endangered whale species. his current body of work represents the largest most detailed archival photographs of whales ever produced. devoting up to three months at a time with specific whale populations, austin seeks out inquisitive and accepting individual whales. he free dives with the whales and photographs them at a distance of not more than six feet. during these rare and unique encounters, austin experiences the whale’s meticulous movements around his body. the whales will gently reposition their pectoral fins and flukes in order to avoid causing austin any harm or serious injury. he puts his life at risk every time he photographs a whale in these conditions. working intimately with fifty to one hundred ton subjects is a delicate process dictated on the terms set by the whale; austin’s success is dependent upon the relationship he builds with his willing subject. less than one millionth of one percent of the human population will experience what austin has witnessed.

bryant austin’s inspiration for this project began five years ago while diving in the kingdom of tonga. austin was six feet in front of a humpback whale calf when he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder -- he turned to face the eye of the mother. she extended her 15-foot, one-ton pectoral fin to gently let him know that she was watching him. it was at this moment, when Austin locked eyes with the mother whale, that he realized what had been missing in the field of whale photography and conservation, an emotional connection…mammal-to-mammal, species to species.

at great personal sacrifice, austin sold everything he owned to fund his fieldwork and pursue his dream of documenting endangered whales. through the process austin realized he had created a precious gift that should be shared with the world: to-scale archival photographs that represent the true nature of a whale. almost every nation is contributing to the demise of these creatures, whether directly or indirectly. marine mammal conservation through the arts (www.mmcta.org) is completing a documentary detailing austin’s most recent fieldwork, touring a multimedia presentation of his photographs and most importantly continues to raise funds for austin’s critical and time sensitive future fieldwork. see more here.



* all images and most copy via bryant austin and www.studiocosmos.com

Thursday, August 26, 2010

an eclectic little (big) house in los angeles

i saw this little house tour the other day over at design*sponge (a daily read) and there is something about it that is so eclectic, so artsy, and a little moody... that i fell in love with this house! i just had to share.

the owners are husband and wife, ramin shamshiri of commune, and donna langley who is a co-chair of universal pictures.

they tried to keep the spanish feel of the architecture throughout the home with little touches that stay true to the home as well as the eclectic couple, such as an all time favorite of mine... spanish tile!

my living room is a large rectangle with a fireplace right in the middle, just like this one... which makes it hard to arrange furniture sometimes. i like how they used the bench on one end to keep the room open when you walk in and not feel boxed in by the seating area.

more great tile in the kitchen that extends outside, designed by commune.

i am so in love with this yellow sofa. i want it. brings a nice dose of color as well as presence. i bet 6 or 7 people could fit on it!

the outdoor room off the kitchen isn't bad either... ahh to live in california :)

all images are from commune. you should check out the others in their portfolio... very talented design firm.