Friday, June 29, 2012

flowers for friday #100!!!!!!!!

ladies and gents,

{cheers cheers}

this is our 100th friday of blog anniversary.
makes me all sorts of proud.

thanks for stopping by.
you all make me smile.

loves all around.


{via 100 layer cake}

while we're on the subject

of good ol 'merica...

(from yesterday)

i decided i'm diy-ing a slouchy tank such as this.

for the upcoming holiday of course!

and i'm gonna wear the heck out of it.

i'll report back on the details monday.
i don't have a slouchy white cotton tank yet.
but i'm thinking some tie-dye ink, a spray bottle and some tape will be all it needs (hopefully) once i source one out.



{image via

Thursday, June 28, 2012

god bless america

and summer.
and america!

jamie beck, of from me to you photography extraordinaire, did this shoot for working class magazine and i could. not. love. it. more.

the bright, swirling colors. the pride for america that swells. those quintessential summer feelings it brings. the love for carnivals and the smells and the food.
this all happens with these photographs.

it would make one hell of an engagement session.
i'm so inspired.

but i'm going to stop talking now and let you just see for yourself.

you can see more here.

btw, her minty-aqua eyeshadow slays me.

do i have to more style and awesome-ness than i do, and gorge red hair with cute little freckles to pull that off? i'm betting yes.



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

vogue living

another house tour!!

2 things i love:

1-- vogue pieces on people's homes... vogue photography and crazy awesome interiors. win.
2-- whole house articles. i love me a room here, room there. but the whole thing really shows you how someone lives and i like it.

here's one i just saw and salute, for her use of color and eclectic art. fantastic.

kyle dewoody.
co-owner and creative director of grey area.
an online shop turned pop-up shop out in the hamptons.

i'll take that brass greyhound and the over-dyed hot pink rug, thank you.

do you like seeing where people live as much as i do?
or am i weird?

i'm actually getting kind of frustrated with elle decor lately because they only show 2-4 photos from someones home. really? that's not enough. i don't think they've been enough as a whole lately, so they're on my s-list :)



{see more here}

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the great divide.

actually these rooms divided by steel cased windows are pretty great.

walls shmalls.
who needs em when you can have these?

it all started last week when i obsessed over this kitchen/dining room:

let there be light!
i loved it so much i went looking for more.

if the house i live in currently was my forever house, i'd tear down the wall between my kitchen and dining rooms and build one of these in a hot minute.

but it's not my forever house and i see this as being an expensive addition.

so worth it.


i'm like, in love.


{images via: here last week, greigedesign, nicety, and veronicalovesarchie}

Monday, June 25, 2012

pancakes. with bacon.

this weekend i was stuck inside editing photos all weekend long. both days. just trying to get caught up. and i did... so it was worth it, but dang.

and it was such a glorious and hot weekend.
would have been better spent by the pool.

so husband perked me up by making dinner on saturday.
we refer to it as b-for-d. or breakfast for dinner.

we had pancakes and eggs and bacon.

except we put the bacon inside the pancakes
such as zees:

(from martha)

i saw this on pinterest.
(where else?)

the key tip we came away with: cook your bacon strips in a pan, or however you cook it i guess.... just pre-cook it in a separate spot from your pancakes. all the way. pancakes don't take long so it won't burn your bacon or anything.

#1-- it keeps the excess bacon grease away from what you're about to eat.
#2-- the raw bacon wouldn't cook fast enough on your griddle with the pancakes together.

the second tip: cook your bacon on the crispy side. it makes it easier to cut/eat when you finally get around to stuffing your face with your bacon pancakes.

but oh man.
it was like 2 good things coming together to make an even better little bacon-pancake baby.

i have this saved on pinterest too:

apparently it works with waffles, too.
next time.

happy monday.

did you get to enjoy being outside this weekend? i'm jealous.


Friday, June 22, 2012

flowers for friday #99


and happy weekend.


good morning.

this is painfully gorgeous.

i hope you all are as excited as i am about the fact that today is friday.

 i am swamped with both of my works so this is about all i can muster today. i can't complain because busy = good. but i can complain because busy = no sleep :)



{via coco+kelley}

Thursday, June 21, 2012

just plain pretty.

i would lump all of these rooms together to make my perfect dream of a house. and then some of course.

a perfect living space.
complete with sky blue walls. old oil paintings, textures and patterns, a pretty rug and kinda giant lamps.

{house and garden}

this bath.
i love for lots of things.
all the things actually.
i think i would only add a patterned rug and call her good.

{elle decor}

this kitchen.
look at the interior wall of windows. stunning.
but the color of those cabinets and the colorful ikat set table? i die.

{via coco + kelley}

and lastly, my bedroom.
with lavender walls and indian block fabric.
and a pair of glass murano lamps.

{house and garden}

and then.
this illusive little brass teapot that i've been looking for since 1999.
really only since christmas but that's what it feels like.

i begin to think they don't exist and then i see evidence such as below.

just look how pretty she is:

from pinterest. with no lead to go on.

happy thursday and thanks for taking a tour of my dream home with me.



Wednesday, June 20, 2012


my new fabric!

purchased for the pink kitchen.
going to use it reupholster my little 2-seater settee.

waverly's (sun and shade outdoor fabric)
'a new twist' in caviar. 

i just got it in the mail yesterday.
over the internet it looks like mostly gray and cream and black.
but in real life that darker gray stripe is actually a dark brown espresso color.
and the outdoor fabric should hold up better in my kitchen.
i don't have kids, but i do have a husband and a big brown dog :)

i initially found it online and new i'd like it with my newly painted walls. the colors online always make me nervous so i ran up to joann's where they had it in real life that i could touch. and feel. and hold in my hands. and the colors? loved them even more in person because i could actually see that brown stripe.

i could have just purchased it at joann's while i was there but it was $49.99 a yard. i did have a coupon that could have brought the price down to $19.99 which would have meant:
a total of $79.96 plus tax for 4 yards.
i knew i could sleuth out better.

went back online and found it on amazon and ebay, both listed for $22.99 a yard. not any better. amazon did have free shipping but ebay did not.
total $91.96 (plus tax. and shipping).

crossed my fingers and headed over to tonic living. ta da.
only $12.95 a yard and i had an online coupon for 10% off!
with shipping my total came to $60.87.
mucho better!!

so all in all...
i'm quite happy.

and this weekend imma reupholster that thing.

any good deals for you all lately??


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

pink and yellow

so you are all 100% clear on, and probably feel as though you've been force fed, my current love affair with pink as of late....
but my favorite color to go with said pink right now?

yellow, of course!

{betsy johnson's living room, via stylecaster}

{windsor smith's room, via properstranger}

{via notmybeautifulhome and lookbook}

{via anindiansummerlikes and lauren moffatt swim}

{via the decorista and the sartorialist}

{via bellemaison23 and h&m}

and it's great for cocktails too!!

this one is next on the list to make:

1 1/2 oz pear vodka
3 oz pineapple juice
1 oz cranberry juice

add pear vodka and pineapple juice in a rocks glass with ice.
pour cran over the top. 
drink on a hot day.

love it.

love you.


Monday, June 18, 2012

let's take a trip.

to sao paulo, brazil.

and visit the colorful, uber quirky, awesomely-south-american, gorgeous home of cris and marcelo rosenbaum.

they share my more-is-more theory.
and i think it's pretty awesome.

via the selby.
and you can see more here.