Friday, August 31, 2012

flowers for friday #109


to finally getting some rain.

for long weekends.

and paint projects.
(i have another one i'm working on. it's a wood headboard picked up along the side of the road, for our lake house. its going to be the slickest, shiniest cobalt blue. watch instagram for its before and after!!}

and tater tots!

and my uncle visiting.

and YOU.

have a good weekend,


aqua y gold.

i got nowhere on my cart last night.

my uncle is in town. he's a global traveler/dweller.
he's now living in norway.
just moved from australia.
before that here.
before that, grenada.
before that, south africa.
and he's originally from the uk.

and i'm missing stuff in there, too i'm sure.

anyway we were hanging with him last night.

lucky for me, there's a long weekend ahead... perfect for projects.

totally unrelated, but isn't this color combo kinda gorgeous?

i hope you all enjoy your weekend.

think i'm headed to the lake.
that hurricane is now hanging over us and it's not forcasted to lighten up until sunday or monday.
but rainy days at the lake can be fun, too.



{images via the decorista and pinterest}

Thursday, August 30, 2012

this close.....

when we moved into our new office, i mentioned more about it here,
there was lots of mid-century mod furniture left behind.

and some random other pieces.
this is one of those random other pieces.

i declared her mine and i'm taking her home.
(do you know how much i love free furniture? it's a sickness.)

she's going to be my new bar in my dining area.
the walls in there are so dark navy blue, they are legitimately almost black.

and i'm thiiiiiis close to painting her a shade of pink:

with neutrals it provides the right amount of umph. ya know?

and despite the use of it in my kitchen, and other pink things i've blogged about and love, i'm not a die-hard fan of every shade every time. in fact, i'm more often not a fan.

but this shade, this time...

i think it's about to happen.

and i bought a new lamp for it yesterday, too.
its the same neutral sandy-nude as the woman's shoes in the bottom picture.

in my head it's going to look fierce.
just hope it comes out to be as cute in reality.

pictures soon.

prob tomorrow or early next week because i'm pumped.


{images via: elled decor, lucy luacht, embellished glamour tumblr}

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

just when.

just when i thought it was safe to post all the mirror-metallic shoes that i've found around the web, the world shows me these.

this always happens!

but have you ever seen anything so beautiful?
i would get re-married for the opportunity to make these my wedding shoes.
to husband again, of course.

mid-october wedding....

and a short little ensemble to show off my shoes.
maybe like this:

in a room that looks like this:

and tables for our brunch reception set like this:

serving these things side by side:
{dessert is the best part of a meal, even if it is mid-afternoon!}

gold spun cotton candy?! absolutely.

color scheme of blush pink, gold, and shades of gray.

mmm. glammy.


{shoes via frya rose london, persephone dress and bellini earrings via bhldn, chandie via this is glamorous, table setting via pink preppy lilly lover, cake via inspired by this, gold!!! cotton candy via pinterest}

Monday, August 27, 2012

remember this one?

from domino.

images like these make me want to be totally fearless when it comes to color.

it's hard.
you know it.
i know it.

some people just get it, and know how to be totally fearless.
miles redd and nick olsen are 2 of those people and i think that's the reason i'm such a fan.

husband was gone all weekend and it made me spend alot of alone time with my house.
when that happens, i start analyzing things, rearranging, re-thinking.

as we stand, i now have plans to re-paint my front room. the-so-dark-its-almost-black navy has had a really great run. but it's time.

i have plans for a new bathroom color. and art. and flooring.

i have 2 chairs in my front room that need re-upholstering. i wanna go bold. domino green-and-yellow-toile-kitchen bold.

kinda want to paint all the doors in my all white hallway something. black... mousey-gray-tan? don't know but i think it could rock.

and i want to paint my front door again.

see why i shouldn't spend that much alone time with my house?
gets expensive!

happy monday.


Friday, August 24, 2012

flowers for friday #108

husband's away for a bachelor weekend, so there's a whole lotta me time scheduled.
most of it will be spent working... but none-the-less.

at least it's finally the weekend. i thought it'd never roll around.



{eli-sabeth tumblr}


creepy old oil paintings of people you have no idea who they are, hanging in unexpected places...
are my jam.

the creepier the better.

who are these people?
don't always know, but they're awesome.

via bailey at peppermint bliss

via emily henderson

ex-presidents, weird ladies....
sky's the limit here.

big men with big beards.

and masked?

southern living.

this glam femme fatale is even holding a pink bra!

this one is delightful and i wish she were mine.

hope you have a great friday.


Thursday, August 23, 2012


this whole post is based on the fact that i want to eat this cake.
right now.

i'm making it this weekend.
and might not share.

get the recipe here.

citrus cake with lemon curd filling and orange icing.
might sub grapefruit for the icing bc i love it that much.

it was inspired by stella mccartney's spring 2011 citrus print.

just like it, right!?

me like it long time.

imagine hosting a 'summer's-not-over-yet' party with this cake as the centerpiece.

wearing this on you and your home:


citrus party

Raglan shirt, $63 / Steve Madden platform heels, $130 / Gold necklace, $16



and the gold flamingos are mandatory.



{gold flamingos via coco + kelley, leaf pillow via whitelockandco on etsy , suzani pillow via textilegallery on etsy, tray via cb2, pink glasses vintage and sold, umbrella via ebay}

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

mirror mirror on the...

so months and months and months ago,
i saw and pinned this pic from pinterest.

i didn't know where it came from or who it was,
or where to purchase them....

 but i was in love with her shoes.

they are still above and beyond my favorites.

but then i also found these on pinterest too.
(again, don't know where these come from...)

and now my interest was peeked.

shoes so shiny they are like mirrors!

little google search later and i found us some options!
some affordable, some so very not affordable, but still beautiful.

1- dries van noten, mirror metallic pumps.
2- etta cap toe metallic pumps.
3- gianvito rossi gold metallic pumps.
4- j.crew's version.
5- top shop's version.
6- giuseppe zanotti.
7- gianvito's again. 

and don't look now, but your bambino's can join in on the fun:
from zara.

just make sure you either 1- wear pants, or 2- really cute undergarments :)



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

my little hero

over the weekend my sweet friend had a baby shower for her first little baby nugget.
it's a girl and she's due here in a few weeks.

i found these super bunnies on pinterest and almost died. they were everything... the most adorable super hero i've seen to date.

so i followed the link back to the website of the woman who makes these sweet little bunnies. i wanted to get one for baby-on-the-way.

well. turns out that she's a french super bunny and i couldn't read her website... in french.

so next option-- i thought i might try to make my own little super hero.

and i did.

and here she is:

with the cutest little pink knit stockings. ever.

(they were made from a sweater dress i had in my closet. this dress was one of my favorite things but it got a giant unfixable snag in it, and i never could bring myself to throw it away. so now it lives on in super hero form. and that makes me happy.)

and cape.

i was so nervous to give her this super bunny.
seriously, as she was opening it up my stomach was doing flips and my cheeks turned red.

i didn't want it to look too hokey and homemade.
but she loved it, and everyone else did, too.
and that's all that matters.

sorry i was mia yesterday,
i was at a very long, very boring work show.

(and sorry for the bad phone pics.)


Friday, August 17, 2012

flowers for friday #107

i hope you have a great weekend.


{via tumblr}

marble walls. one way or another.

big fan.

anyway you want it. you can have it.

the expensive stuff coming from the earth:

(the marion house book)

or you can just use it in paper form:

this one from a long time ago:

(coco +kelley)

and this one!!

from lonny's recent issue.

i love this junk. especially with the skull and the cream band of tile over the white.
perfection in my opinion.

she used the same paper i bought awhile ago and framed.
it's not expensive, around $5 a sheet. and they're pretty large.

i bet the whole bathroom couldn't have cost her more than $100 in supplies.
waaaaay cheaper than any other wallpaper.

and it looks hot.

i'm thinking you could also do this in a kitchen for a backsplash and just place a piece of plexi over it for protection. or just one wall in your kitchen or bathroom.

and if you wanted it to look even more like marble, you could cut it up into uniform squares or rectangles and lay it in a brick pattern... lots of options!

jenny komenda even used it to line the outside of a cheap plastic waste bin.

happy friday.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


just a few things i'm digging today.

where do you find such mirrored-like metallic nail polish?
and why can't they also make it in gold?

(same goes with spray paint... you spray paint makers, i'm talkin to you.)

graffiti art
that makes you smile.

lady like buns with gold bejeweled mcqueen skulls tucked in. yes. yes. yes.
from here.

this teensy bathroom with big personality.
it's kinda like elle's.



{via pinterest, tumblr, neiman marcus, apartment therapy--crystal gentillo's apt.}

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


i think i'm going to start collecting different, eclectic and fabulous
champagne coupes.

i have a set of flutes... a gift from my college roommates back in the day :)

but i would also like a set of these.
i kinda don't want matching-- just coordinating and roughly the same size.

i'm so excited. now i have a new thing to hunt for while antiquing and that's my favorite!

they are so old school glamorous.

and charming.

and unless i stumble upon an entire set of 12 vintage that i can't let go... or find 12 new ones that i would be willing to throw down the money for (let's be honest, i don't need these), i think an eclectic mix is the way to go. and i definitely want some pink ones!!



Monday, August 13, 2012


[read in your best jersey accent, please:]

buddery swoft leathuh.

[end accent now.]

but i'm not going to lie, kinda looking forward to some cooler weather
so i can implement some leather into my post-summer-early-fall wardrobe.

all of these perfect examples of still warm but a little chilly outfits.

how do i want to add it in with my other stuff you ask?

with leather shirts:
maje metallic leather tee, net-a-porter

and skirts of
karl saatchi pleated faux leather mini

and even some


pleather and waxed denim are 1- much cheaper than the real junk
and 2- more animal friendly.

now. i love myself some fur, but i buy those vintage so i'm not killing new animals...

but leather.
it's just so soft and supple.

but i will make an effort to try to do the waxed/pleather thing over the real stuff.

happy monday.


{images via: cupcakes and cashmere, pinterest, wit and delight}