Monday, September 26, 2011

teal front door

from wah wah....

to ta da!!

i got this b from here.
i didn't have a great spot on the door to put the 4 brass #'s of my address like i had wanted. but i did really want some more brass on there other than the kicker and the door knob... so i found this! 

comes in all shapes, sizes, finishes and fonts for any front door out there.

the brass kickplate hails from the home depot.

and just because i overshare...
here is some of what i used as inspiration when coming up with the door color, and the whole house paint scheme we plan to go with when it happens:

 i'm in love with the way it looks with gold and brass.

and neutrals.

 via apartment therapy

via h&m.

it's such a friendly color. and it's not the same teal we knew in the late 80's and early 90's. with neutrals like crisp white, black, navy, gold, leopard-- it looks current.

i still smile when i walk up to my new door.
and those are the best kind of diy improvements...
not expensive in the slightest but packs a HUGE punch.

happy monday.



  1. great job - love the color - you are quite a talented do-it-yourself-er

  2. I just pinned your door for the make over my front needs this year. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I wasn't sure a teal door would look right, but this is perfect!!I'll link to you as my inspiration when I get it done. (spring)