Friday, September 16, 2011

i need your help!!!

my mom just picked this stool up for me. it's pretty filthy but it was only $2 (!!) at an estate sale. i've been looking for one to go under the front table in my house for a bit.

she's always been destined for a makeover but i didn't have any exact plans....

i like stools that are covered in rugs............

so i remembered i had this one hanging out without a purpose as well.

it's outrageously awesome to me.
maybe not to you.
i'm aware a stack of neon animals on a rug isn't the most coveted but that's what made me like it even more.
that and did i mention it was neon?

i picked this up at a flea market years ago. it was $6 i think. and also pretty filthy.

just couldn't go home without it, though!!

you can't fully tell by these photos but that orange and that pink are BRIGHT.

so here's where i need your help:

the rug, a weird size in it's own right, is too big for my stool. i want to know if you think i should go for it and upholster my stool in this weird and crazy mexican rug while sadly cutting off the last mammal...

or if i should stick it back in the cabinet and hold onto it for a better use. where the bottom donkey? cow? horse? doesn't get chopped off. 

he half way makes it.

 i highly doubt that i will ever stumble upon such a find ever again. but it isn't that sacred.

besides, my favorite part is the neon rooster and i made sure he fit :)

again. i am aware not all of you think this is the best potential diy project i could show you. in fact some of you may be thinking what is she thinking?!!

but i kinda heart it.

spill em.
your thoughts.
don't be shy.



  1. Keep the rug under the stool/table & get a cow hide for the stool.

  2. Altho I love the idea of covering the stool w/a rug, I'm not thinking THIS rug is the one to use... I think it's a GREAT pattern, but I don't like it as much w/not all of them showing. I think the rug is too darling to shove back in a cabinet so what about wrapping it around a canvas large enough to show off the entire pattern and hanging it a wall?

  3. go for it! with the way it would be wrapped it looks like a continuous pattern- not like something is really "missing". I also love that the animals it does show are all neon. AND it looks great on that stool and will make it so unique. I love things that are quirky. Use the rug, so you can finally get it out of the closet and smile at it every day :)