Tuesday, September 20, 2011

come n knock on my door....

because now it's pretty.

it was not so much.

i am embarressed to say that it took me over 2 years to paint my front door.
that is the first impression of my home and it was so blaaaah.
i blogged about options here because i was really going to do it then, but it took me until now to settle on a color.

shame on me.

here were/are my issues:
we're tackling the outside of our house in phases. first phase was to spruce up our front door.

we removed that heavy aluminum (useless) storm door and stuck it on the curb for craigslist... gone in 20 minutes, no joke.

now just the door was exposed. i was pleased because the solid wood door actually has a really pretty shape. i just didn't love the flesh color it was painted, and it was flat paint so it scuffed, and grass clippings would even get blown into it and they would stick!

behr aqua waters, in exterior high gloss to the rescue!

like i said, the house is in phases. but our goal is to paint the entire exterior. so in order to pick out a door color, i wanted to pick out the whole house scheme.

we love ourselves some white painted brick... so we're either going to paint the house white or lime it.
but either way, it'll be white.
then we'll paint the trim a mushroomy-brown-grey color and our shutters are getting a new coat of dark navy.... with a bright teal door. and brass accents to polish it all off.

this is all i have to share with you at the moment.
i actually finished the door! and added some new brass accessories to her but after removing the old storm door, we need to repaint the trim on the outside.
and i haven't done that yet.

i'll share the finished product on thursday :)


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  1. love it! i noticed it the other day and was hoping it was new and that i didn't completely over look that beaut. love it! do i sound like a stalker now? maybe take it as a compliment? :)