Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i'm ready

 i'm with elle.
i made this roasted sweet potato and cauliflower pasta dish with bacon this weekend and it was official.
(recipe from martha here)

i'm ready for fall.
and pumpkins.

but i think i'm also ready to pull my boots out.

two things that also get me really excited about fall right now:

feathers. (and that mani.)

and fur.
vintage fur, of course.

do you watch the rachel zoe project?

i just started. i know, i'm years behind but (even though this photo shows nothing of it...)
i am OBSESSSSSED with her vintage furs she's been wearing the past few episodes. every shot there's a different coat/cut/color. its major (har har).

her new and vintage clothing/furs/accessories
make me very very envious, and i think that's what keeps me dvr'ing.


{via slumberdesigns, everythingfab, and rz in vintage valentino}

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