Tuesday, September 6, 2011

bathroom possibility

lately i've been watching sarah 101 on hgtv.
typically i like her, i like her alot. i do think that everything matches a little more than i'm 100% on board with, but she always creates lovely rooms with some of the best fabrics.

her other shows, design inc. and all her sarah's house/farm/summer cottage shows just make me jealous, obviously, but i like her for 2 reasons.
1- she uses ALOT of vintage. vintage furniture and lighting and i like it nearly every single time.
but 2- she has great ideas. ideas that i can take and run with in my own home... even if i can't afford everything she does.

{i have 2 bathrooms in my house and one of them has a secret. i ripped out all the tile and flooring a whole year and a half ago and it hasn't been put back together again yet. that's a dirty secret... and it is dirty. the bathroom is still fully functioning but dirty with demolition. i don't let anyone but jay and myself use it.}

pfew, got that off my chest.
now i can move on to re-creating it.

and that's where we'll circle back to sarah and her recent bathroom:

she used tile from lowes in the shower. i love the stripes she created with it.
it's different but not weird different, it's do-able, and not expensive.
the more i watched, the more i loved it. so now i'd like to do that in my bathroom!!

i purchased a whole bathrooms worth of this white subway tile from home depot shortly after i ripped the bathroom apart...

i'll just take back what i don't use, since i bought enough to tile the shower walls. i'll just need these 1 x 6 in. gray tiles she used from lowes (looks alot darker here than in person).

and these 4 x 4 almond tiles from home depot and i'll be good to go.

i took them and photoshoped my own mock-up. still love it.

i love white and creamy white together.

i even bought this for the new floor way back when and i think it'll work with my new stripes. it's alot less blue in real life, too. just a great veined marble with white and gray and a smidge of cream thrown in. 

i think it's going to be quite lovely.

and then i think i'm about to diy myself a little shower curtain like zees one from anthro.
i would just buy this one but i think i'd like to add a little gold in there, that and i think $118 for a shower curtain is a bit much.

i think some gold will make it sing.

so what do you think?

i know what i think... i think it's making me excited enough to actually get er done finally. gold and white and gray and cream make me happy.


and please tell me that i'm not the only one with a room in their house where they'd just rather close the door than fix their impulses :)


  1. you are not alone in more ways than one- I love Sarah, too... and I have an office that is really a glorified storage closet. not pretty.

    I love that stripe look with the tile. It is so clean and classic you won't get sick of it like some of the more trendy looks- as exciting as they may be in the moment.

  2. simply beautiful ... i really like your taste in colors ... makes me want to get going on my bathroom ... thank goodness it isn't too big!