Friday, March 29, 2013

flowers for friday #139

i hope you have a splendid weekend with equally splendid spring weather.

i will be :)


happy easter!

hope the easter bunny brings you....

you know, the important stuff.


may you have a blessed holiday.


{art by jamie mears, here}

Thursday, March 28, 2013


have you guys seen the new jcpenny ads in your paper/mailbox?
and do you love them almost completely like i do?

they have seriously stepped up their game from what i remember it being as a child/teen/young adult.

they have guest designers like joe fresh, and marchesa, and duro olowu.
way to go jcp!
and the stuff is like, dirt cheap.

the duro olowu line steals my breath away.
it plays with colors and patterns just like i like it:

because any of those would make a lovely easter outfit!!

and i kinda want this clutch:
it's only $30.

and this gold skirt: 
it's only $40
(i'll take that sweater, too.)

i'm off work tomorrow and imma going shopping for my "easter outfit".
at jcpenny's.

and i'm going in specifically for these:

(both by joe fresh)

have any of you purchased anything from them recently?
i'm assuming the quality can't be any different than f21, or something.



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

photos on the wall

you guys, i stumbled upon this photo wallpaper over at a beautiful mess.

i am so obsessed with it!

they used photos from their instax instant camera, but you could just as easily do it with instagrams, and lord knows, i love instagram. and it looks super easy. they didn't print out each of those photos. they actually had pages printed of the images and then simply stapled em up to the walls. no glue,  no mess. awesome.

i don't have anywhere or any need for them at my house,
but my family's lake house, abso-freakin-lutely.

i'm calling my mom right now and pleading my case.

how fun? using years and years of lake photos from when we were small all the way up until now. fun. fun. fun. fun. fun.
i can't even.

photos are my jam.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

diy marbled eggs

a few weeks ago i pinned this tutorial.
since then, i've had this nail polish marbling thing on my brain and wanted to marble something.

with easter coming up, i figured it was the best option.
i remembered hobby lobby always having those wooden eggs but when i was up there 2 weekends ago, i found these instead in the easter section. much better because they were already primed white and cheaper.
only $6.99 for this pack of 8, and all the easter junk was 40% off.
so a little over $4.

my only obstacle was how to get these eggs into the water with polish and then dry them, without getting my fingers in it and smudging the marbling.

so i drilled some teeny tiny holes with the smallest drill bit, 1/16", in the bottom of each egg.

just big enough for these pointed skewers i had to squeeze tightly into the small hole and hold my eggs. i think i also got those skewers from hob lob back in january when i made some birthday cake flags for my mom.

like the tutorial suggests, you need to have all your supplies ready to go because the nail polish dries fast on your water.

i just used an old glass vase i had.
and another tip, use warm water so your polish doesn't seize up on you.

the tutorial also mentions that it doesn't really matter about the quality of your polish, so while at cvs, i grabbed the cutest spring palette of the cheap stuff. from $.99 to $4.

i didn't take any photos of the during because it went really quickly.
plus there are tons and tons and tons of tutorials online of how to do it, and i'm sure they'd be better than mine.
i even youtubed some before i got started, just to make sure i had it down.
but the one i linked to at the top, was the best i found.

and here are my eggs drying.
i used the same drill to drill holes in the top of an old shoe box so they could dry without touching anything on the skewers.

worked like a charm, if i do say so myself.

i love how they're different.

now they're hanging in a gold bowl on my front coffee table.
i have this ceramic egg container that i was planning on using, in the pics above, but it covers up too much of my marbles :)

the mint and the neon are quite trendy, yes...
but i don't think i'll ever get over the neon thing... like for as long as i live...
so i think we're good.

i did see that camille styles posted this same project yesterday, but she used blown out eggs.
you certainly could do that as well, but with the wooden ones, you can save them for years to come without worrying about them smooshing into a million bits.

(and those holes i drilled are so tiny, i didn't even fill them like i had planned. they aren't noticeable.)

happy easter!


Monday, March 25, 2013

cinnamon, chocolate, and... dan.

sorry this is coming at ya so late.
i had a busy morning.

my dad is running for our city's city council again. he's been on it for 11 years and is up for re-election. i'm his campaign marketeer... of sorts. i have photoshop and i take photos. so all the mailers and ads have turned out to be my job, yet again :)

the ad for the newspaper was due at noon today and i wasn't quite finished, so that was this morning. good news is its all finished and sent off to print!

vote for dan!

on another front,
i have been obsessed lately with cinnamon.

read this, then make this, then remember and remind yourself that its good for you:

cut up one banana into slices.
lay onto plate.
drizzle with a good honey (oh the health benefits of honey...)
then sprinkle with cinnamon (oh the health benefits of cinnamon...)
then eat.

and like i said, remind yourself that its tasty like dessert but it's good for you!

(google the healthy-ness of honey and cinnamon. surprising.)

another recipe up next for trial:

salted mayan chocolate pots de creme.

find the recipe here.
they're happening tonight.
can't wait.

i love chocolate with cinnamon and chile powder.
i also have added both of those things into my hot chocolates and it never dissapoints!

my mind is still on fast mode so sorry if i was all over the place.

happy monday.


Friday, March 22, 2013

flowers for friday #138


spring! and march madness!
and snow?!

hope you guys have a great weekend.
we'll be huddled indoors.

i might turn up the heat and walk around my house in flip flops and tank tops out of protest.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

i wish...

yesterday was the first day of spring.
and i wish i could say we here in kansas city get to join in on the good-weather-flowers-are-blooming festivities, but we. are. not.

the high of 39 degrees yesterday, was the average for the end of january.
not the average for the middle of march. today it's only supposed to be 34.
and for the next 4 days..... snow.

so while i'm dreaming of these things:

my reality is still this:

(i would totally love myself a giant blue fur coat. that might make it better!)

i hope your spring has gotten off to a better start than ours.

sorry for the light posts this week.
same old stuff ;)


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

...and purple.

did you know red/coral/orange/persimmon is best friends with purple?

they get along like peas and carrots...

maybe you like lamb and tuna fish better?

{name that movie ;)}


{rug from esale rugs, photo of florals by rachel a clingen, earrings by lauren hope, petra}

Friday, March 15, 2013

flowers for friday #137

happy friday, friends.

today, i can hardly even believe it myself, it's going to be 80 degrees here in sunny kc.

i'll be sitting at my desk, longing for and daydreaming about the sunshine out my window at work today. but that's ok. at least it's here.

i can't wait to share my recent purchases with you...
first we have the most sumptuous, luxurious, yellow-with-a-hint-of-mustard, gorgeous velvet. 2 yards of it. and it's already sitting atop the chair it's going to cover very shortly. i have been searching high and low for the stuff for a long while now. it's hard to purchase over the internet because you can't feel it in your hands or see the true color...and yellow can be good, but it can also be very very bad. i'm glad i held out because yesterday i stumbled upon some at my favorite discount fab store for $6.99 a yard... marked down to $3. holler.

i even snagged 8 yards of another fabric to tackle my hand-me-down wingback. finally!! and it too was only $3/yard. the luck! and even though they aren't recovered yet, my front room has finally become what i want it to be. there's more satisfaction in holding out for the perfect fits, ya know. even if i takes 3 years.

can't wait to share.
can't wait to reupholster!

i think that's what i'll be doing all weekend long if you need me.



{image via martha} 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

i dream in color.

and right now, this is the stuff my dreams are made of.

saturated, rich, beautiful dreamy stuff.

happy wednesday.


{via south of market}

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


whether in paint, or ribbon with nail heads, even washi tape!

i like it.

whatcha think?


{images via habitually chic, the blue house from along time ago, martha stewart, and carolina herrara baez's home in elle decor}  

Monday, March 11, 2013

good day.

yesterday was kinda awesome.
the weather wasn't so much so i spent alot of my time indoors.
but i think the spring spruce up mentality has entered my brain!

first, after church and brunch,
i came home and cozied up to the new lonny.
i enjoyed it very much.

michelle adams has her new apartment in this issue.
and guys, it's so good!! i'm kinda obsessed.
it's definitely more restrained color-wise than i could ever go, but i love it so much.
best one for her yet.
i want her bedroom to be mine. its gone into the inspiration folder fo sho.

then i felt a little crafty.
i did some nail polish marbling that i'm excited to share with you all later.
and i got out my paints. it was inspired by michelle's painting above.
i haven't painted a painting in a long long time. felt like the good ol days.

i also took a nap on my couch.
another thing that i haven't done in a long long time.

throw some other ordinary life things in there,
and i consider that a pretty good day.

did you have a good weekend?

happy monday.


Friday, March 8, 2013

flowers for friday #136

spring's springing around here, you guys.

the mountains of snow are more like foothills and the grass is showing its pretty face.
today is supposed to be in the 50s.
everything's right with the world again.
well, not even close but in my little bubble, things are looking a whole lot better.

not alot planned this weekend.
warm weather means i might just decide to finally paint my dining room table outside in the fresh air... just maybe.

happy friday/weekend.


{via lonny}

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

creamy pink.

last night there was nothing on tv and i was kinda bored.
there were things i should have been doing but nothing that i wanted to do.
so i picked an old domino out of the stack and revisited.

inside was the office of ines de la fressange, and it's always been a favorite...
even back when i never would have dared throw pink on my walls.
especially not a pink this vivid. vivid yet creamy.

she's daring. and bold.
and french. and perhaps that makes it even better?
(you can read more here)

i love it so much.
and it made me remember this:

just the prettiest of all time.
blogged about it here not long ago.
but that creamy pink color just slays me.
seriously, right there where it's cut, why does it have this affect on me?
i just need to make it myself.

(via barnsley house)

and while we're on the subject, i'd eat it right here in my pool pond house.
it's just so beautiful, too.

i wasn't ever pink's biggest fan.
i liked it i guess, but my 'favorite color' was always orange.
i had 4 brothers and we played in dirt. i was never a very girly girl.
now, as i'm almost 30, pink is settling in...
in my favorites list, in my home, on my blog, in my mind.

but  happy creamy pink wednesday.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

take a seat

in one of these lavender chairs.

i saw these on pinterest/1stdibs and i want them.

this color has struck my fancy before (here and here).
its more than lavender... brighter.
but not quite plain ol purple.
i love it. and i love these:

they sell old chairs similar to these on craigslist all the time.
shoot, at my office we have an entire chair army of similar ones.
if you reupholstered something less expensive (than you'll find on 1stdibs) you can have a set for yourself.

they look cute in bistro form, too.

and more mod.

and even trad.

for my next house.


{images via 1stdibs, janus et cie, pinterest, traditional home}

Monday, March 4, 2013

scarf and earrings.

on pinterest the other day i came across this:

it was during nyfw but there was no link to follow and i doubt this was for fall.
i'm thinking it looks dior to me, but i'm wrong alot.

i really enjoyed the pairing of whispy black couture with a silk scarf and a pair of true statement-making earrings.

whether or not we all have the means for her dress, or her african princess earrings, we can get a similar look and i'm buying it:

scarf and earrings

RED Valentino swiss dot dress / MASON'S floral sweater / AllSaints party top / Current/Elliott distressed boyfriend jeans / Leather brogue / Flat heels, $35 / Zara leather heels / DANNIJO earrings / Lulu Frost jewelry / Emilio Pucci printed scarve / Diane von Furstenberg yellow scarve, $235 / Dolce & Gabbana printed scarve, $340 / Deepa Gurnani post earrings

so, from left to right, formal to informal, there you go.

i have a few silk scarves, some vintage, one new. they cover not-freshly washed hair like a pro champion. (remember my post on head scarves?)

happy monday.


Friday, March 1, 2013

flowers for friday..... #133. #134. and #135.

here are your 3 friday flowers in one.
2 previous weeks and today.
lucky you.




i hope you have a happy weekend, indeed.
would you believe me if i told you it was snowing here?
i almost don't believe myself.

there is 50 and 60 degree weather forcasted for next week and i don't think it can get here fast enough.

until then!