Tuesday, March 26, 2013

diy marbled eggs

a few weeks ago i pinned this tutorial.
since then, i've had this nail polish marbling thing on my brain and wanted to marble something.

with easter coming up, i figured it was the best option.
i remembered hobby lobby always having those wooden eggs but when i was up there 2 weekends ago, i found these instead in the easter section. much better because they were already primed white and cheaper.
only $6.99 for this pack of 8, and all the easter junk was 40% off.
so a little over $4.

my only obstacle was how to get these eggs into the water with polish and then dry them, without getting my fingers in it and smudging the marbling.

so i drilled some teeny tiny holes with the smallest drill bit, 1/16", in the bottom of each egg.

just big enough for these pointed skewers i had to squeeze tightly into the small hole and hold my eggs. i think i also got those skewers from hob lob back in january when i made some birthday cake flags for my mom.

like the tutorial suggests, you need to have all your supplies ready to go because the nail polish dries fast on your water.

i just used an old glass vase i had.
and another tip, use warm water so your polish doesn't seize up on you.

the tutorial also mentions that it doesn't really matter about the quality of your polish, so while at cvs, i grabbed the cutest spring palette of the cheap stuff. from $.99 to $4.

i didn't take any photos of the during because it went really quickly.
plus there are tons and tons and tons of tutorials online of how to do it, and i'm sure they'd be better than mine.
i even youtubed some before i got started, just to make sure i had it down.
but the one i linked to at the top, was the best i found.

and here are my eggs drying.
i used the same drill to drill holes in the top of an old shoe box so they could dry without touching anything on the skewers.

worked like a charm, if i do say so myself.

i love how they're different.

now they're hanging in a gold bowl on my front coffee table.
i have this ceramic egg container that i was planning on using, in the pics above, but it covers up too much of my marbles :)

the mint and the neon are quite trendy, yes...
but i don't think i'll ever get over the neon thing... like for as long as i live...
so i think we're good.

i did see that camille styles posted this same project yesterday, but she used blown out eggs.
you certainly could do that as well, but with the wooden ones, you can save them for years to come without worrying about them smooshing into a million bits.

(and those holes i drilled are so tiny, i didn't even fill them like i had planned. they aren't noticeable.)

happy easter!



  1. LOVE these Jill! They look stunning in that gold bowl - I say you keep 'em out all season.

  2. i really like this idea!!! gets the creative juices going... :) thanks for sharing