Monday, March 25, 2013

cinnamon, chocolate, and... dan.

sorry this is coming at ya so late.
i had a busy morning.

my dad is running for our city's city council again. he's been on it for 11 years and is up for re-election. i'm his campaign marketeer... of sorts. i have photoshop and i take photos. so all the mailers and ads have turned out to be my job, yet again :)

the ad for the newspaper was due at noon today and i wasn't quite finished, so that was this morning. good news is its all finished and sent off to print!

vote for dan!

on another front,
i have been obsessed lately with cinnamon.

read this, then make this, then remember and remind yourself that its good for you:

cut up one banana into slices.
lay onto plate.
drizzle with a good honey (oh the health benefits of honey...)
then sprinkle with cinnamon (oh the health benefits of cinnamon...)
then eat.

and like i said, remind yourself that its tasty like dessert but it's good for you!

(google the healthy-ness of honey and cinnamon. surprising.)

another recipe up next for trial:

salted mayan chocolate pots de creme.

find the recipe here.
they're happening tonight.
can't wait.

i love chocolate with cinnamon and chile powder.
i also have added both of those things into my hot chocolates and it never dissapoints!

my mind is still on fast mode so sorry if i was all over the place.

happy monday.


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  1. Hi Jill - Hope you love the pots de creme as much as we do. I'm positively addicted, as in one is quickly followed buy another until I've eaten the whole batch in an afternoon. Look forward to hearing what you think! Thanks for posting.