Monday, March 11, 2013

good day.

yesterday was kinda awesome.
the weather wasn't so much so i spent alot of my time indoors.
but i think the spring spruce up mentality has entered my brain!

first, after church and brunch,
i came home and cozied up to the new lonny.
i enjoyed it very much.

michelle adams has her new apartment in this issue.
and guys, it's so good!! i'm kinda obsessed.
it's definitely more restrained color-wise than i could ever go, but i love it so much.
best one for her yet.
i want her bedroom to be mine. its gone into the inspiration folder fo sho.

then i felt a little crafty.
i did some nail polish marbling that i'm excited to share with you all later.
and i got out my paints. it was inspired by michelle's painting above.
i haven't painted a painting in a long long time. felt like the good ol days.

i also took a nap on my couch.
another thing that i haven't done in a long long time.

throw some other ordinary life things in there,
and i consider that a pretty good day.

did you have a good weekend?

happy monday.


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