Thursday, March 28, 2013


have you guys seen the new jcpenny ads in your paper/mailbox?
and do you love them almost completely like i do?

they have seriously stepped up their game from what i remember it being as a child/teen/young adult.

they have guest designers like joe fresh, and marchesa, and duro olowu.
way to go jcp!
and the stuff is like, dirt cheap.

the duro olowu line steals my breath away.
it plays with colors and patterns just like i like it:

because any of those would make a lovely easter outfit!!

and i kinda want this clutch:
it's only $30.

and this gold skirt: 
it's only $40
(i'll take that sweater, too.)

i'm off work tomorrow and imma going shopping for my "easter outfit".
at jcpenny's.

and i'm going in specifically for these:

(both by joe fresh)

have any of you purchased anything from them recently?
i'm assuming the quality can't be any different than f21, or something.



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