Friday, March 30, 2012

flowers for friday #87

have a pleasant weekend, everyone.

go JAYHAWKS!!!!!!!!

see you back here on monday.



spring wedding.

{it's a tie between these two.}

got the cake. the dress (or 2). the setting. blankets for the chilly nights.
the favors. the flowers. can't forget the flowers!!
and of course, the bar. the prettiest bar i've ever seen, actually.

if i were re-getting married tomorrow, this might be what it'd look like.
using all the colors spring has to offer.

seriously, TGif. 


{images via elizabeth ann designs, 1st dress found on weddings of desire, 2nd dress by kevan hall white label, style me pretty, ruffled, and plum pretty sugar} 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

easter sunday.

spring brights

as an adult i don't really get a new easter outfit like i did when i was little.
i loved picking out that new spring dress with new shoes, and sometimes even matching accessories like a hat or new purse. then finally getting to wear it all for the first time to go to church. that was one of the best parts about easter, that and the candy. and jesus, of course :)

saw this color blocked skirt and thought it would rock an easter outfit quite nicely.

i love the mix of high and low in outfits as much as in interiors.

silk skirt and diamond earrings {i die for those from 1stdibs}...
with a cotton tee and slouchy sweater.

do any of you still go out and get yourself an easter outfit?
have it already? i wanna hear!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

rockstar water.

as i mentioned on monday, i was at a work tradeshow over the weekend up until yesterday. it was held at the lake of the ozarks in mo, so i got to stay at my family's house. {i was so happy. you have no idea how much i despise hotels... but i digress.}

the lake was in full bloom. i can't help but feel like summer is already here with the weather we're having. it was 80+ the whole time i was there. i laid out. in march!! i still can't believe it.

i think the lake might be the birthplace of dogwoods. either that, or they just really enjoy it down there. there are eleventy billion of them growing wild everywhere. and as of this weekend, they all looked like this:

our mint on our back deck was also growing.
we use it to make mojitos {especially my favorites, mango mojitos!} in the summer time. give this pot a month and it will look like a bush. a smell-good, tasty one.

i didn't make mojitos cause i had to work... but i wanted to welcome the mint back. so i made mojito water. aka- best water i've ever had!! couldn't get enough of the stuff.

its just plain old water with muddled mint and a squeeze or a few of lime.
das it.

i'm planting some mint here asap so i can enjoy this water all of the time! its delish. and refreshing and good for your health.

tip i've learned, make sure you plant your mint in a container because if you plant it in your yard, it grows and grows and grows and might take over the whole thing. it can even jump pots if you have some next to your mint pot.

look at me, giving out gardening tips and info. WHOEVER would have thought that was going to happen on here? NOT ME. but i just did.

happy hump day.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the glow.

if you haven't made time to go check out the glow by now, you should. especially if you're a woman. it will tug at your heart. it chronicles a day in the life at home of a famous working mom. in their element, with their kids, in a very personal way.

i love it for a multitude of reasons.

first and foremost, the photography is outstanding. i love every ounce of it and soak up the inspiration. i love how it seems as if they just stepped into a normal day in their normal life at home and started snapping away.

kate young

laura garcia

{i mean, that pink elizabeth taylor makes me weak in the knees. i have plans to do something similar in the daughter-i-don't-even-have's room in the future :)}

meredith kahn

ramya giangola

rebecca minkoff

i love the personal glimpse into their homes and the stories and tidbits they divulge.

zoe buckman

what i love most, is how they really really love their children and how evident it is that no matter who you are or how large your career, they really are the most important thing you can do.

i wish they had a new post every single day, but they don't.

but it's worth going back and reading!!


Monday, March 26, 2012


i'm working at a tradeshow all day today but i'm stealing 5 minutes to share this kitchen of my dreams!!!

i live for color but i could also live in a kitchen such as zees:

every detail, the more i study it, is just perfect.
and i am more than envious of the giant dish/serveware collection she's amassed and displayed.

this kitchen belongs to a belgian photographer, bieke claessen.
i found her home through pinterest last night. where else?

but living with all that gorgeous muted color in the kitchen, i'd have to splash some color elsewhere in my house... and she did. in her daughter's room.


hope you're having a good monday.


{images via haute design}

Friday, March 23, 2012

flowers for friday #86

i hope you're enjoying the views outside as much as i am!

happy weekend!!


{image via camillestyles}

doing it!

ya'll if i weren't working at a work show this weekend,
you better believe i'd be making these beauties.

i have moderately beginner skills in sewing and this tutorial for handmade mitred linen napkins... looks DO-ABLE.
not only could i do it, but it looks relatively easy.

and the painted on gold polkies, absolutely.

maybe next weekend.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

forest green.

i have been known to say that i hate something "like i hate bowling and hunter green."

ask husband. its how you know i'm passionately in dislike of something... like mushrooms. i DO NOT like them. i try and try to do it but i just can't. so i might have said before... "i hate mushrooms like i hate bowling and hunter green." in fact, those words have come out of my mouth, multiple times.

i really do hate bowling.
and up until recently i hated the color hunter green.

from now on we'll call it forest green so i don't have to eat my words all those millions of times i've said that i hate hunter green. because it really isn't that bad of a color.

its a neutral. it can go with pretty much whatever it wants to go with. lots of bright colors look fantastic with it.

i'm starting to think that way of most greens. have you ever looked outside at anything naturally green, like the grass or leaves or stems of a flower, and said it didn't "go" with another color? what flower on earth doesn't "go" with it's green stem? not a single one.

in fact, i think the forest green of the earth looks it's most delightful next to the blue of the sky: 

you can thank God for that one.

and these:

so dang pretty right??

my new appreciation started a few months ago but was reaffirmed when the house beautiful "green" issue came out a few months ago. i.e. this whole house:
forest and lavender and gold? yep.

and sydney from the daybook with her hunter wellies.
girl wears them with any and everything and it looks fantastic.

go embrace forest green.
i am now.


{images via architectural digest, house beautiful, sydney from the daybook}

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

red stunnah

this red jumpsuit is beyond. actually, beyond beyond.
i wish i had a spare $2,290 to spend on one.
in case you might, there is free shipping! haha.

no seriously, neimans has free shipping right now. use code FSMAR.

and don't tell me you got this because i'll be jealous.


its the simple things

ever have those days when the topics to blog about just aren't coming?
that is me today. and last night.

but i was playing around on photoshop last night and came up with this and thought i'd share. it was insanely easy and made a big difference.
i like it when i manipulate a photo myself, without using someone else's actions.
you can tell i'm not a photoshop master when i still get excited about stuff like this :)

but here we go...

i took these a long time ago. back when i was a fresh newbie to this whole photog thing.
as in, every shoot i did, i learned something new.

these 2 were actually in the semi-outtakes.

i hadn't 100% mastered manual focus and i was using the lens that came with my camera.

this first one, not bad. just not a killer, although the model is ;)

but with only a few layers of a solid color at low opacity in a coral pinky-orange on this second image... i now love it a whole lot more.

i left the first layer solid across the image and then duplicated it.
i reduced the opacity even more on the second layer and brushed it out in the right bottom corner, leaving the most color in the top left. much dreamier. much more soft. pretty.

blast from the past, jo?!
thanks again for modeling your belly...
now that your lil guy is almost one and a half :)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

fenton & fenton

bengali quilt.
suzani tub chair.
queen of hearts art.

pakistan ralli quilt.
ibiza emerald sandals.
white bone inlay side table.

all of these things hail from fenton & fenton.
an australian store which is almost exactly like the one i'd like to open one day.
all the things in there come from the owner, lucy fenton's love for travels, ethnicity, and handmade quality. and a little quirk thrown in the mix.

i'm in love.


beautiful stuff.

go check it out.