Wednesday, February 29, 2012

weird pets.

on the tail end of my post earlier this morning, about the family of sheep that are kept as pets in south carolina, it is actually right up my weird-pets-alley.

last spring my brother bought 2 baby ducklings for pennies from a local pet store.
they soon became my 2 favorite things on the plan-net.
i visited my parents alot more when they were around :)

how could you not like them??!

since we didn't have a most beautiful coop such as these below:

one was, saddly, the late night snack of a wild animal jerk.
it made my mom and i cry. not joking.

we made a make shift coop for the last one, sammie (it was sammy, but later found out sammy was a girl, so she then became sammie) in their backyard and even transported her back and forth to the lake with us on the weekends.

(me, my mom, and our duck)

(sometimes she preferred her baby pool to the big pool)

she ended up loving it there... as she should, she was a duck.
so we started leaving her through the week and she'd always be waiting for us when we returned. and eventually became a natural wild duck with real wild duck friends. months went by, and one weekend we came back and sammie was gone. we'd like to think she found a beautiful duck dude and made a beautiful duck family.

the whole object of this post was to say that i would really like to have a rad coop like either of the ones above. for a few ducks and maybe some chickens. although i probably wouldn't mind a whole gaggle of both. in my suburb of kc, they aren't allowed. but in my parent's, they are!! so they're getting a few more ducks this spring.

i'm encouraging them to build a coop like #2 above.
it's awesome and would fit in their backyard. and then we'd take them to the lake and do it all over again.

there really are advantages to having a 1000 acre plantation in south carolina.
all the sheeps, ducks and chickens your little heart could desire.
is that weird?



{duck pics via me. coops via amber interiors}

southern weddin, y'all.

i have been getting the martha stewart wedding idea of the day since 2007. just before i got engaged, through my wedding planning, past my wedding in 2009, and straight on through till today. i enjoy it. it comes 7 days a week. sometimes its content is a little meh, sometimes its brilliant.

loved it.
thought i'd share it with you all.

it was on the bride's family's 1000 acre plantation.

they used an aviary theme throughout the whole thing. with quail feathers in the programs,

and boutonnieres,

and a beautiful book of birds for the guest book.
i love the whole wedding but this was my favorite part. wish i would have thought of it. now they have a gorgeous tome to keep in their library or out on a coffee table with the signatures of the ones they love and the reminder of their day. love. it.

want the book, too.

they used the same quail feather deatils from above and images from the audubon book to line their envelopes for the wedding stationary. again, LOVE.

her dress was designed for her by a fellow charleston native, carol hannah.

remember carol hannah from project runway?
she makes a gorgeous dress.

another thing that really caught my attention:

the family sheep.

they were originally purchased for consumption but after the family raised them, they kept them as pets :)

a part of me loves my city living but another part of me wants a 1000 acre southern plantation to be able to have more ducks, chickens and lots of sheep running around. not for food. just for pets.

our birds are back in kansas city from their winter escape. i can hear them chirping in the mornings. spring is right around the corner! yay.



{images via martha}

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

backyard bill

i found a new-to-me photographer. obsessed.
he goes by backyard bill, but his name is bill gentle.
he started in 2008 just taking photos of his friends in his backyard.
now he contributes for GQ. and steven alan. opening ceremony. and the like.

his photography is fresh. it is spunky. 
clean. simple. dynamic.

check him out.



Monday, February 27, 2012

shades of white

i thought all of these women looked amazing in their shades of white last night!!!



i have been quite distracted this week as we got our new puppy on sunday. wow, the lack of sleep and constant trips outside to get this house training down have caused both my husband and i to be completely out of it!!! we rush to bed at 10:30pm now knowing we have several wake ups through out the night. someone the other day said "when you have a new puppy really you should take the first week off!"i totally agree. anyways,  in honor of the addition to our little family here are a few rooms made better with the frenchie :)

and here is our little man, commodore :)


Friday, February 24, 2012

flowers for friday #82

elle and i will be rooting on our jayhawks this weekend.
i'd appreciate your support in our efforts :)

happy weekend,

{image via fullhouse}

favorite thing.

i'm going to break from the norm today and post about my new most favorite thing.
it's norwex body cloths that i use for my face.

these lil guys right here:

unassuming little suckers.
they are antibac microfiber antimicrobial cloths.

i am 28 and i had not so hot skin. in the winter months i had blemishes like a 16 year old. it was not fun and i beyond hated it...
i had tried different stuff from my dermo, etc etc etc.

then a friend at work told me about norwex. its cleaning without products = as in cleaning without chemicals. just water. i was a skeptic, too.
so was my mom so she had a party (which is how its sold) to check it out.

i kinda couldn't believe how awesome this stuff worked.

these cloths are woven with silver, which germ bugs and viruses can't live on for very long... they make hospital soft surfaces (i.e. those privacy curtains that can't be disinfected daily) with silver woven in, its a natural antimicrobial.

i was just about to drop some money on a clarisonic system to help my face... instead i thought i'd try these first for like $20.

BEST $20 i've ever spent.

my face is getting better and better by the day. not gone yet but we're almost there!!
i only use water to clean my face. no more chemicals. which was right on target with the direction my husband and i are taking our home and our bodies.
it exfoliates like a son of a gun.
my pores are smaller and my face is glowy-er.
i know that's not a word but it does, it like glows from inside now.

even if it didn't really work on my face gunk the way it is, i would still use it for how buttery creamy smooth and soft my face has become.

you don't have to believe me. you can read more here or here, and/or try it for yourself ;)

my mom swears by their other stuff,
like their window cloths and the dish cloths.
*another perk, since it's antimicrobial... it NEVER EVER molds or mildews and always smells so fresh and so clean clean.

you can only buy it through a rep.
and i'm not one. i'm not trying to sell anything.
just wanting to spread the word on what i've found.

have a great friday, lovers.


Thursday, February 23, 2012


gap and j.crew are feeling the color love this spring.
and i am obsessed. who's surprised?

but spring is on it's way, people. the weather here in kc is a major tease...
i've been rolling my jeans and going to work sans coat.

and! there was this yellow flower in my seriously dead yard this morning.
{don't judge me on the leaves still being there}
couldn't help but stop and smell the roses crocus.

happy day.



{images via j.crew and gap and me.}

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i would if i could.

i think there is such a thing as classy pink hair.
i do. and i want it.

with work and being 28, i don't think i can swing it.
check that, i know i can't. work would be the biggest road block over the age bit, but honestly-- i'm not a katy perry pop star, and i'm not 21 and in college...

but. i. love.

maybe i'll just buy one of these wigs....

and head to vegas or wait for halloween.

love love love.