Friday, February 24, 2012

favorite thing.

i'm going to break from the norm today and post about my new most favorite thing.
it's norwex body cloths that i use for my face.

these lil guys right here:

unassuming little suckers.
they are antibac microfiber antimicrobial cloths.

i am 28 and i had not so hot skin. in the winter months i had blemishes like a 16 year old. it was not fun and i beyond hated it...
i had tried different stuff from my dermo, etc etc etc.

then a friend at work told me about norwex. its cleaning without products = as in cleaning without chemicals. just water. i was a skeptic, too.
so was my mom so she had a party (which is how its sold) to check it out.

i kinda couldn't believe how awesome this stuff worked.

these cloths are woven with silver, which germ bugs and viruses can't live on for very long... they make hospital soft surfaces (i.e. those privacy curtains that can't be disinfected daily) with silver woven in, its a natural antimicrobial.

i was just about to drop some money on a clarisonic system to help my face... instead i thought i'd try these first for like $20.

BEST $20 i've ever spent.

my face is getting better and better by the day. not gone yet but we're almost there!!
i only use water to clean my face. no more chemicals. which was right on target with the direction my husband and i are taking our home and our bodies.
it exfoliates like a son of a gun.
my pores are smaller and my face is glowy-er.
i know that's not a word but it does, it like glows from inside now.

even if it didn't really work on my face gunk the way it is, i would still use it for how buttery creamy smooth and soft my face has become.

you don't have to believe me. you can read more here or here, and/or try it for yourself ;)

my mom swears by their other stuff,
like their window cloths and the dish cloths.
*another perk, since it's antimicrobial... it NEVER EVER molds or mildews and always smells so fresh and so clean clean.

you can only buy it through a rep.
and i'm not one. i'm not trying to sell anything.
just wanting to spread the word on what i've found.

have a great friday, lovers.



  1. Yes... it is a wonder rag! I have the cleaning rags. Let's just say I am not buying cleaners or filling up our land fill with paper towels.

  2. jill! this is amazing. i received your moms invite but had a meeting that night already :( who is the rep? i'd love to try the facial wipes as well. my pores could use some major work. muchos gracias! :)