Friday, June 28, 2013

flowers for friday #152

aren't these colors so pretty?
goes right along with this morning.

i'm feelin it.

happy weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend!


{flowers via dustjacketattic}

desert rose.

oh yes.
hi there.
i'm still here. and i can't even imagine why you'd still be stopping by... i've been such a bad, bad blogger. but i think this year and i have finally come to terms. i've been feeling so unsettled and a little restless, honestly sitting there waiting for the next shitty thing to come my way because that's how we started out! and it definitely took some time for the 2 of us to reconcile but we made it! and i think we're here on the other side!!!

i can't guarantee that i'll be back every single day, because to be honest, coming up with something earth-shatteringly awesome for you everyday was getting tougher and tougher.
perhaps that means when i am back, it's better stuff!? one can only hope :)

and this isn't even mine, but i saw it on 100layercakelet
and i thought it was so pretty.
it doesn't even have to be for a little girl.
i'd take this and make it mine!!

the only thing i might add to it is a small dose of saturated color and a few more patterns. i am still me, after all. and maybe some more pink!

and where better to find such things?
amber interior's shoppe!

this is what i'd add.

1 and 2.

and you can find all the sources from up above right here.

happy friday!!
and i'll be back in a bit with the regularly scheduled flowers.

2 posts in one day!?
i know i know, what can i say?


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

gallery walls, dead?

some of them, yes.
they got too cool for their own britches.

they shot up in popularity with the cool kids.
and pretty soon, they were everywhere.
hell, i have 2 of them in my house.
in both of my living rooms, the front room and the den.

but some of them, no!!
i still like them.
check that, i still love them. sometimes.

my front room... still in total love.
the den. ugh. i was over it.
it got too sweet. and the colors were starting to match a little too much.
i needed/need to shake it up.

and i would show you a photo but i don't have one.
i might be the worst blogger ever.
looks like we'll have to settle on an after (whenever that happens).

to shake it up, i want to add a little bit less sweet and a whole lot more rock n' roll. a little edge. a little modern art. a whole lot more cool.

i like all of these.

they are my inspiration for the gallery wall overhaul.

(amanda from 100layercake)

(via cindab)

(via domaine home.... one of my new favorite websites!!!!)

(via from the right bank)

(via lineklein blog. in france.)

(via lonny)

(via lonny)

(via orlando, via emily henderson)

(via oh joy)

(via paloma. one of my favorite rooms. of all times.)

so in the past few weeks, i've removed the offenders and starting looking around the internet trying to find what i wanted to fill in the holes with.

i have this whole california/surfer/bohemian badass obsession thing going on right now.
(i briefly touched on that, here)

these surf photos.
i love.
however, i do still live in kansas.
and they may or may not work.
plus i don't know where they come from and couldn't locate them.

but they are badass.

speaking of california badass... these were curated by one of my favorites,
amber interiors:

i love them all.
and i refer to them often while perusing.
especially #'s 3, 5 and 6.

but, i bought my first hole filler yesterday!

first, these runner-ups that are still in the running:

#1 - the pineapple painting. i LOVE.
i am still thinking about re-creating it myself and hanging it. somewhere. maybe just not this gallery wall, i think.

#2 - this photo!!
from minagraphy on etsy. i forrill like this one.

i pulled the trigger on this one!

oh i'm so in love!
i'm in love i'm in love and i don't care who knows it.

i got it here.
from beth hoeckel on society6.

she kind of rocks.
i want a few more of her (very affordable!) prints.
they are all collaged together.
and fabulous, in my opinion.
you can see all her availables here.
(they have free shipping til sunday, too)

i can't wait for it to get here!!

i'm going to frame it in a simple white frame with no mat.
and i got a big one, 28x22".
then i'll hang her up.
and then i'll gush to you about how much i love it! hopefully ;)

any art you think i should be privy to?


Friday, June 21, 2013

flowers for friday #151

well friends.
its friday again!!!
i'm busting out of work early to head to the lake.
my family goes pretty much every weekend.
i used to do the same.
this spring/summer has been different.
the weekends have been filled with lots of things (all fun!!).
so on the empty ones (and this is only the second one of those!),
i grab my things and RUN for the lake.
i'll be taking all my meals and morning coffees outside.
getting mosquito bites, and drinking fruity cocktails.
getting tan lines, and breathing fresh air.
maybe even a date and some putt putt golf.
all things summer.
happy longest day, everyone.
{florals via jasmine floral designs in LA}

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

bring a tear of joy to my eye.

yes. i watch the voice.
every season, baby.

and this one, from last night, had me crying. almost like a baby.

i dare you to watch it.
and if those same emotions don't well up from the depths of your own soul,
i'm afraid you may have a heart of stone.

or perhaps, dumb (so far) 2013 has made me a big weenie.


Monday, June 17, 2013


i follow alot of people i don't know on instagram.
and it makes me feel a little like a creeper.
but i do it because they put out some of the coolest photos.
it's like a magazine every time i click it open...
and we all know how i feel about magazines.
...and photos.
i'm definitely a visual person.
if you're on instagram and you like gorgeous photos too, i suggest following this lady:
she's the founder of smitten studio.
she makes things. good things!
has a killer closet.
looks to have the cutest relationship with her husband and two pups.
travels to far off destinations.
was the girl behind this party.
and is owner of this lake cabin. more about their renovation here.
(the previous 2, all over pinterest)
more importantly, she takes innately cool instagram photos.
i just think some people get it, some don't.
she gets it.
here's some:

happy monday.

Friday, June 14, 2013

flowers for friday #150

happy friday, y'all.
simple as that.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


remember this tablecloth?
i don't know how old it is because i've had it pinned for forever, but it's still available at anthro. you can buy yours here if you feel like dropping $250 on a tablecloth.
i had this pinned in my 'someday i wanna make this' board.
i just didn't ever get around to it and i figured somebody would pave the way and i could just follow their lead.
i was right.
oh happy day did it!!
you can find her 'how-to' right here.

and it's more neon.
who's a fan?
i have to say, hers is a little neater than the original.
i like the painted on quality of the anthro one.
so be messy :)

she's just the craftiest over there, at oh happy day.
her stuff always comes out spot on.
she has the original tablecloth as well,
and threw the most awesome donut party centered around it.
you can check that out here.
donut. party.
happy wednesday.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


i've always been a little more on the bohemian/eclectic side.
i like pattern, and color, and texture, just extra stuff. extra layers.
mexican/ethnic textiles, and bright colors.
it speaks to me more than anything else.
my friends in college used to call me 'expensive hippie'.
like i shave my armpits and bathe... lets not get crazy.
but my hair is crazy ass long and almost always left to dry on its own...
and i've been wearing maxi dresses for almost 15 years.
but lately, its even more than before!
i live in carefree-type layers of loose, worn-in tees, with scraggly denim cut-offs.
and i want my house to have to same feel.
casual. with a spark of a little somethin somethin.
does that even make sense?
it does in my head.
maybe its summer talking.
maybe it's the fact that half of the people i follow on instagram are from california and they're rubbing off :)
but this is me this summer,
and i want it to stick around.
i'm kicking off the starchy and proper,
and kicking-back.
join me?



all good things.
and maybe they don't even make total sense to you.
but they all evoke a feeling for me.
and i like it.
p.s. ascotfriday just bought a winnebago, the 'wertzebago'!
and i'm sure it will end up even cooler than the one just up above.
i kinda freakin love that idea and just added it to my life list.