Thursday, June 13, 2013


remember this tablecloth?
i don't know how old it is because i've had it pinned for forever, but it's still available at anthro. you can buy yours here if you feel like dropping $250 on a tablecloth.
i had this pinned in my 'someday i wanna make this' board.
i just didn't ever get around to it and i figured somebody would pave the way and i could just follow their lead.
i was right.
oh happy day did it!!
you can find her 'how-to' right here.

and it's more neon.
who's a fan?
i have to say, hers is a little neater than the original.
i like the painted on quality of the anthro one.
so be messy :)

she's just the craftiest over there, at oh happy day.
her stuff always comes out spot on.
she has the original tablecloth as well,
and threw the most awesome donut party centered around it.
you can check that out here.
donut. party.
happy wednesday.

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