Tuesday, June 25, 2013

gallery walls, dead?

some of them, yes.
they got too cool for their own britches.

they shot up in popularity with the cool kids.
and pretty soon, they were everywhere.
hell, i have 2 of them in my house.
in both of my living rooms, the front room and the den.

but some of them, no!!
i still like them.
check that, i still love them. sometimes.

my front room... still in total love.
the den. ugh. i was over it.
it got too sweet. and the colors were starting to match a little too much.
i needed/need to shake it up.

and i would show you a photo but i don't have one.
i might be the worst blogger ever.
looks like we'll have to settle on an after (whenever that happens).

to shake it up, i want to add a little bit less sweet and a whole lot more rock n' roll. a little edge. a little modern art. a whole lot more cool.

i like all of these.

they are my inspiration for the gallery wall overhaul.

(amanda from 100layercake)

(via cindab)

(via domaine home.... one of my new favorite websites!!!!)

(via from the right bank)

(via lineklein blog. in france.)

(via lonny)

(via lonny)

(via orlando, via emily henderson)

(via oh joy)

(via paloma. one of my favorite rooms. of all times.)

so in the past few weeks, i've removed the offenders and starting looking around the internet trying to find what i wanted to fill in the holes with.

i have this whole california/surfer/bohemian badass obsession thing going on right now.
(i briefly touched on that, here)

these surf photos.
i love.
however, i do still live in kansas.
and they may or may not work.
plus i don't know where they come from and couldn't locate them.

but they are badass.

speaking of california badass... these were curated by one of my favorites,
amber interiors:

i love them all.
and i refer to them often while perusing.
especially #'s 3, 5 and 6.

but, i bought my first hole filler yesterday!

first, these runner-ups that are still in the running:

#1 - the pineapple painting. i LOVE.
i am still thinking about re-creating it myself and hanging it. somewhere. maybe just not this gallery wall, i think.

#2 - this photo!!
from minagraphy on etsy. i forrill like this one.

i pulled the trigger on this one!

oh i'm so in love!
i'm in love i'm in love and i don't care who knows it.

i got it here.
from beth hoeckel on society6.

she kind of rocks.
i want a few more of her (very affordable!) prints.
they are all collaged together.
and fabulous, in my opinion.
you can see all her availables here.
(they have free shipping til sunday, too)

i can't wait for it to get here!!

i'm going to frame it in a simple white frame with no mat.
and i got a big one, 28x22".
then i'll hang her up.
and then i'll gush to you about how much i love it! hopefully ;)

any art you think i should be privy to?


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  1. Love this post. Where is the pineapple painting from. I just love it! Thanks!