Tuesday, June 4, 2013


so, i'd like to throw some things i've found recently, out there.
just in case you think they are neat.

like this:
is this where posh, grown-up games of beer pong happen?
i would give lots of stuff for this to wind up being in my backyard.
i love it in lots of ways. for lots of reasons.

and because i'm nothing if not predictable, i have a photo i snapped this weekend of the bouquets strewn around my house. this one is on the front table, as soon as you walk in the door...

so sorry it's messy. i didn't clean up before i took it.
it's where the mail goes to multiply and then die.
i hate mail. i hate mail. i hate mail.
most of it is junk and it gets thrown straight into recycling.
i wish there were a spam filter for real mail.
can we just switch everything to email from now on?
except for fine paper goods, like love letters, christmas cards, baby announcements with squishy babies on them, and wedding/party invites.
OH!! and MAGAZINES. duh.
and anthro catalogues.
thank you.

back to the flowers. my whole house smells divine. no jokes here.
and i have some on my desk right now, too.
everyone comments on their perfume.

but all these peonies live in my backyard. and i have to cut them and bring them inside, and donate to grandmas and neighbors, so that i can enjoy them, and others can enjoy them, because they are so fleeting.

and i'm officially finished with my ode to peonies 2013.
if you follow me on instagram, you're probably gagging by now.
sorry about that.

and then there's this:

you guys.
its the new maybelline colorsensational lipstick, in their new 'vivids' color line.
i have been searching the world (not really) for a fierce, bright, super saturated, not fully red, not fully orange lipstick since last summer. i've tried a few but i'm such a loyal to my fuchsia fever pink, that i kinda gave up.
until last night.
i was at walgreens and i bought this.
i wore it to dinner.
i am wearing it to work right now.
i am a new lady (not really).
i love it.
i might buy another tube in case they discontinue it in the next 5 years.
you can get it online (cheaper!) here.
seriously though, i'm really happy with this brand/line of lipsticks. they last a good long time. both fuchsia fever and this vibrant mandarin. they last all day. i'm a cheap drugstore lipstick convert (if we're talking this kind).

and also.
i can't get this lamp outta my head: 

it's rita konig's.
i like her, you've seen me say this before.
i even remember when she bought this in an old domino magazine.
at a thrift/antique/junk store in some cool city.

happy tuesday.


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  1. Gorgeous peonies! I want an endless supply in my backyard. Instead, I have sad, dead hydrangeas. :(