Friday, September 30, 2011

flowers for friday #61

a little gift from mother nature...

enjoy sleeping with the windows open!!!


all that glitters....

is so very me right now.
i can't help it, but i'm drawn to sequins and glitter and feathers and gold and glitz right now.

and we've been seeing alot of it around!

there's no way you can't feel like a lady wearing sparkles.

a great way to implement this into my wardrobe without going overboard?
this zara skirt.
perfect with the chunky knit sweater she's wearing, too.

happy friday!


{images found via my pinterest and old old photos i've saved, sorry i don't have the credits saved for those}

Thursday, September 29, 2011

diggin the dahlias!!!

was at the flower market this week and the dahlias are huge!!!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

vintage glamour

this is a shot from the original 'thomas crown affair' in 1968
with faye dunaway and steve mcqueen.

does their vintage glamour not make you kinda sorta jealous?
i know it was for a movie but i think people back then, in general, wore glamour on their sleeves. effortlessly.
i would love to have her look for an evening out.

the long sleeved gown, the chic hair. check.
husband in a bowtie. check. check.

i love it.
perhaps if this image was to be turned into a chair...
this one might be it?



martha sent this to my inbox this morning, we're on a first name basis obvi.
but, she's given this template for us to use as halloween decor...

i happen to know a girl (thumbs pointing to myself) that would not have argued to use such big and bold butterflies for a birthday party back in the day... or next month when i get another year closer to 30.


Monday, September 26, 2011

teal front door

from wah wah....

to ta da!!

i got this b from here.
i didn't have a great spot on the door to put the 4 brass #'s of my address like i had wanted. but i did really want some more brass on there other than the kicker and the door knob... so i found this! 

comes in all shapes, sizes, finishes and fonts for any front door out there.

the brass kickplate hails from the home depot.

and just because i overshare...
here is some of what i used as inspiration when coming up with the door color, and the whole house paint scheme we plan to go with when it happens:

 i'm in love with the way it looks with gold and brass.

and neutrals.

 via apartment therapy

via h&m.

it's such a friendly color. and it's not the same teal we knew in the late 80's and early 90's. with neutrals like crisp white, black, navy, gold, leopard-- it looks current.

i still smile when i walk up to my new door.
and those are the best kind of diy improvements...
not expensive in the slightest but packs a HUGE punch.

happy monday.


Friday, September 23, 2011

flowers for friday #60

have a grand weekend :)


anyone for colored cords?

i am loving the rainbow of corduroys out there this fall!!! 

what color are you sporting?


Thursday, September 22, 2011

diy madness

last weekend i was one busy lady... but not busy enough to finish what i started :)

you already know i made-over my front door. i didn't finish painting the outside trim around it yet....... so i still can't share. but i. will. finish. this. weekend.

i also bought these 2 chairs from the same estate sale i got this stool.
(by the way, i have decided against ruining my stacked animal rug to upholster it. thanks for your suggestions!)

back to the chairs, they were in immaculate shape and $80 for the pair.

they got a make-over, too!!
i actually finished them but haven't photographed the 'afters' for you yet.

(and i refuse to submit you to any more bad phone pics....
after these 'before' shots, that is)

(do you spy my new kickplate in the corner?)

they had really great lines and details.
and the low profile was just what i was looking for.

so i will spill the beans on monday.

i also bought a pair of lamps at the goodwill lately that are getting new insides, shades, and a facelift.
i have full intention of finishing them this weekend as well....

so monday it is!!

it doesn't happen often, but i've had major luck lately in the gently used furniture departments all over town. so fun.



christian siriano

out of all the stuff we've seen from this past fashion week, i think christian siriano was one of my faves.
his use of neons with neutrals are spot on by me.

plus, i am a project runway addict so i love seeing the winners succeed :)
especially my favesies, like christian.

who were some of your favorites?