Thursday, September 22, 2011

diy madness

last weekend i was one busy lady... but not busy enough to finish what i started :)

you already know i made-over my front door. i didn't finish painting the outside trim around it yet....... so i still can't share. but i. will. finish. this. weekend.

i also bought these 2 chairs from the same estate sale i got this stool.
(by the way, i have decided against ruining my stacked animal rug to upholster it. thanks for your suggestions!)

back to the chairs, they were in immaculate shape and $80 for the pair.

they got a make-over, too!!
i actually finished them but haven't photographed the 'afters' for you yet.

(and i refuse to submit you to any more bad phone pics....
after these 'before' shots, that is)

(do you spy my new kickplate in the corner?)

they had really great lines and details.
and the low profile was just what i was looking for.

so i will spill the beans on monday.

i also bought a pair of lamps at the goodwill lately that are getting new insides, shades, and a facelift.
i have full intention of finishing them this weekend as well....

so monday it is!!

it doesn't happen often, but i've had major luck lately in the gently used furniture departments all over town. so fun.



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