Thursday, May 31, 2012

neon shoes.

neon is everywhere right now...
but its better than when i was growing up in the late 80s and early 90s...
am i right?
much better now.

but we have noen dresses, neon jewels, neon furniture, neon lights...
we even have neon trees:

 but what's caught my eye are the

and all the neon paint calling my name at home depot.
i finally decided what i wanted to use it on because of those shoes above i pinned months ago...

after spending too much time in home depot decided on which color, i grabbed the yellow and ran for the check out before i changed my mind again.

it went back and forth between the yellow and hot pink...

i had these old camel colored shoes from college that were nothing sacred.
they were from target.

with a faux wood heel just ripe for a little sprayin.

taped em up.
very careful to get all the non-neon parts covered perfectly.
most tedious step for sure.


and painted.
this is after the first light misting of the neon....
i was gettin reeeeel excited.

(this neon paint is not opaque in the slightest so it's really important to prime it white, so the neon has something to show up against. if i would have just sprayed it straight on the 'wood' part of the shoe, it wouldn't have worked half as well. fyi.)

it was getting dark so that's the end of the in progress shots...
i just sprayed a few more coats of a light misting until it was well covered.

i was so excited about them, this is what i sent my mom last night--

and the pictures don't even do the color justice.
it's dayglow.

and perfect.

so i wore em to work today :)

husband told me last night mid-spray that one day i will look back on this as one of the sillier things i've done... perhaps. but 1-- i love them right now. 2-- i don't really care. and 3-- i can spray them again if i so feel the need.

now what else can i spray neon?!



Wednesday, May 30, 2012


i've always love marbled paper, see more here and here.

then yesterday on the painted house (love this blog b.t.dubs.), i saw these marbled steps made with paint. not sure what they are or how they're used, but i liked em. alot.

then this morning as i layed in bed checking pinterest, i saw these pots.

i kinda want to try it on a plain terra cotta pot with whites, gold, black, and grays. and rainbows, too.

then i searched a bit and found these glasses on honestly wtf.

made with nail polish!
kinda want to try these, too.

so i have nothing to offer you today, except that i've lost it for marbled junk in the last 24 hours.

happy hump day.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

aqua and roy are friends.

roy g. biv and aqua are in fact besties.

it's like a neutral. it goes with whatever it wants, and it wants to go with everything.
so it does.







sorry for my absence friday and monday.

i took a vacation from here and it was awkward at first, all day long i felt like i was forgetting something. but then it was kinda awesome. a little internet detox if you will. i didn't even get on pinterest once, no i lie. i did maybe once a day but for no longer than a minute. honest :)

i hope you all had a most splendid long weekend.
i did!!



{images via: apartment therapy, coco + kelley, properhunt, vivaluxury, google, pinterest, cococozy, brooklynblonde, completelytotallymadly, duskjacketattic, desire to inspire, google}

Thursday, May 24, 2012

prego glam.

i am so elated with the look and style of prego sessions popping up around the internet in the last year.

pregnancy is a miracle. no greater miracle can 2 measly little humans create in my opinion. so why not take that time of your life and create images, that 1-- make the mama look good at a time where she might not always feel so good, and 2-- document and have them forever.

no reason not to.

these sessions are so inspiring and are just a few of my favorites as of late. pinterest is a gold mine for such things :)

but photogs are turning out some serious glam with these bellies.
and i LOVE it.

kelly hicks.

amelia lyon.

this entire session kills me. kills.
by andria lindquist.

from kiss the groom.

onto baby.

via flickr.
and if you know who this photog is, please let me know!!

rylee hitchner.

the girls.

as much as i'm not a fan, this b.spears in harper's bazaar is so fantastico.

i only have one prego belly shoot on my books this summer and it's in july.
(can't wait, meg!!!)

but if you happen to have a bun in the oven and want some documentation, just go ahead and email me. i'm rill rill excited and have some ideas floatin around in my head and need another model or 7.



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

hello. i want you.

and you. and you. and you. and you, too.

like holy smokes.
these aren't on their site any longer, but i bet i could make something like em by dipping (terrible gross awful) wood spoons in black paint and then polka dotting it with white. might try it. 


and why didn't i want junk like this when i was in pottery?
i could have made these cute lil things in 2.2 seconds.
my uncle is a potter-er and my grandma used to teach pottery classes out of her basement. did you know that? now ya do. wish we still had her kiln.

pyramid rock paperweights.

even more rocks.
never enough rocks.

all good stuff from the leif shop.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

all white, all day.

all white flowers in a garden are so refreshing.
everything all white is for that matter!

i wear my white jeans maybe too often.
but i'm not sorry.

(fleas were gone within 30 minutes of our trip to the vet yesterday, thank. goodness. those things are so gross.)


{images via: pinterest, bourbon and pearls, appletree staging, dragon fly lifestyle, zsa zsa bellagio, habitually chic}

Monday, May 21, 2012


so as i said, i was at the lake this weekend. and all i did was paint.

i touched up all the white hand rails on the huge top deck.
i finished painting a new piece of furniture for our tv in the kitchen. i'll share that later.
i touched up a closet where we removed a shelf.
my dad finished painting the upstairs deck this same royal blue color as the picture above. this is a photo of the lower deck (the only photo i took all weekend). but i also painted the dingy white swing a cool shade of minty-light blue, behr teal ice to be exact.

everything looks so fresh and ready for the start of summer......

but we also picked something else up while we were down there.

my dog got fleas.

i'm freaking out.
i've vacuumed my whole house. doing lots of laundry. we bathed her last night at midnight with flea shampoo. poor thing.

she even had her flea and tick medicine on but i don't think it's doing/did its j-o-b.

i have been hearing this summer is going to be awful with all sorts of bugs because of our mild winter, but now i believe it.

so gross.

so sorry i don't have any more fun pictures.

the fleas ate them.