Friday, May 31, 2013

flowers for friday #148

been doing this blogging thing for 148 weeks.
that seems like a very very long time!

sometimes my eagerness and patience for this thing wavers, as it has been in the past week or so. but i tell ya, the thought of never doing it again doesn't sit well. so i may not post once a day but i like keeping my little online, search-able diary of the things i think are rad. it keeps my ideas somewhere neat and tidy instead of getting lost in my brain.

i don't have a ton of readers, let's be honest :) but i am a-ok with that.
to those of you that do stop by here, i like you.
i have met some of you really lovely people, that i wouldn't have otherwise...
and that's pretty cool, too.

and i hope you have a great weekend.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

come on over

and we can have cocktails

in my happy place.

designed by ruthie sommers.
gosh i love her.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013


i've never owned a pair of chucks before.
but this summer, i have the urge to get some.

i'm thinking white. or black.

i appreciate the 'i don't care vibe' that they kinda exude, because alot of the time,
with my wet hair and minimal makeup, i don't either :)

especially with looser fitting shirts (all i wear these days) and dresses (what i'm wearing when i'm not wearing skinnies and a baggy shirt, or cut-offs and a baggy shirt).

that is my motto for this summer.

and chucks seem easy.


Monday, May 27, 2013


i really needed this little vacation away.

i hope you are soaking up today and everything that it stands for.

see you tomorrow.


{image by onegoodthingbyjillee}

Friday, May 24, 2013

flowers for friday #147

tis the season.

peonies to bloggers is like meth to central missouri.

my backyard is getting ready to explode. i counted last night, because i had never done so before, but the dear old woman who lived in my house before me planted 19 peony bushes. all of which are getting ready to burst wide open.

i'm afraid i'll be gone when it happens. is that sad?
heading to my family's lake house for the holiday this weekend.
husband is staying behind to get some work done. werk shmerk.
but he will be there to sing and dance in the moonlight (har har) for my 19 peony bushes. and with approx. 49 buds per bush... that's a hefty load of the good stuff right there.

they will still be there when i get back, but i have to say:
i'm no gardener. i'm actually really freakin awful at it. and not for lack of trying.
but plants just don't make it in my care.
however, these peonies are THRIVING. after 4 summers with them, too!
(she says, knocking on wood.)

my grandma told me (who not only has one massive green thumb, BUT TWO!) that when they get this big, i should divide them in the fall to keep them healthy. i don't know if she's right but she's been doing it her whole lifetime so i trust her.

i guess fall is dividing time.
i probably won't do it because they probably wouldn't survive.
and it scares me.

so i'll just enjoy them as they are now.

i hope you have a great weekend.


{image via sfgirlbybay}

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

this summer.

this summer you'll find me in a mixture of stripes, florals (who's surprised?), and a dreamy combo of earth's prettiest pastels.

3 reasons why it's the coolest:


Monday, May 20, 2013

kerry cassill

i saw these kerry cassill umbrellas on pinterest over the weekend.
should every blog post start with, "this is what i've recently found on pinterst. wanna see it? because you aren't on pinterest either, and you probably didn't see this for yourself."  not ;)

but seriously.
these umbrellas are worth the share.

i specifically like the 3 on the right.
but my little 50s ranch would kinda love the black floral print.

the fringe is the kicker.

i had never been to or heard of the kerry cassill shop before.
they have tabletop (duh. my favorite.)
and bedding.

all in these beautiful indian textiles.

happy monday.


Friday, May 17, 2013

flowers for friday #146

i'm excited for this weekend.
saturday the fam and i are heading out to celebrate one of my brothers.
#2 out of 4.
he's graduating from college (kinda sniffle sniffle... i feel old!!)

i'm excited for him.
and the celebration plans!

i have paint plans, for furniture and for walls. it'll on have to be on sunday. we'll see how far i get, especially if i'm sporting a flu*

i hope you have great weekends.
the weather is looking just fine.
hope it is for you, too.

*could also be classified as a hangover.


{paper! flowers from oh happy day blog}

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

midi to the maximum.

tomato red/coral/poppy beautiful.
midi length.
cut outs that i would sign my name on the dotted line for.

this dress is kinda perfect.

found it on pinterest a la wendy's lookbook.

dress. here from saks.
go get yourself one.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

color lover.

my name is jill.
i am a color lover.
and i can usually be found entranced by said color.
all colors. {almost.}
all the time.

today, it's these.
and the combination of these with spring greens.

lavender and citrus with a hint of pale pink.

happy tuesday.


{all images via fabulous k blog}

Friday, May 10, 2013

flowers for friday #145

today you get lilacs.
cheer cheer!

every year at this exact time i declare them my favorite flower, but then they fade so quickly and time moves on and i forget how much i truly, really do appreciate them.

but i do.
oh, i do.

i snapped this yesterday.

stole it from a neighbor while i was on a walk yesterday morning, and brought it to work with me to smell up my desk. they smell so delicious.

you know when you're running/walking and all of a sudden you get a strong sniff of these gorgeouse flowers. that's my favorite.

summer's coming.

and peonies are next up!
happy friday.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

floral supreme.

this is my ode to this season's florals.

i am maxed out in love.

looking for the perfect floral jeans.
last month's lucky mag had a cute pair from aeropostale of all places.
it looked adorable in the magazine but online.... question marks. but super cheap.
i just need to make it to the mall. i usually kinda avoid that place ;)

but i don't discriminate.
i love granny florals.
mini florals.
giant florals.
bright florals.
muted florals.
i like em all.

i'd even take this vintage granny chic chintz ballgown.
where would i wear it? don't know but i'd find a place.



{coco+kelley, dustjacketattic, gadabout, kendieveryday, greyandscout, sincerelyjules, shopsweetthings, and the vintage dress is from adorevintage}

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

neeeeed this.

you guys.
i saw this this morning and gasp! i need it.

(i'd take that hair and her necklace, too.)

i can't find where to buy it.
but i want it.
i think it'd make the most excruciatingly, devastatingly, handsome swimsuit cover-up.

here are 2 things that i have in my brain that makes me feel confident that i should attempt to make this cover-up for myself to wear this summer:

1-- i watch project runway.
like every season. every episode. of all time.
so that gives me all the false confidence in the world, that i can also do what they do in a day. or hours. it just might take me a smidge longer. (or alot.)

2-- i actually bought a dress form.
i bought it at an estate sale a while back. because i couldn't not buy it.
it was my exact body proportions and it was only $10. sure it was from 1950 but i figure they used to make things better back then anyway.

so with those 2 things in my arsenal, i figure....
why the heck not?
i sew. (kinda.)

i'm now looking for lots of yards of a breezey gauzy fabric. white preferably.

and then.
i'm gonna try.

(does project runway do that to any of you guys, too? make you just want to make stuff?)

until then.


Monday, May 6, 2013

for the boys:

i like kid bedrooms that have a healthy dose of adult furniture and maturity, with an even healthier dose of kid. all mixed together.

anything too juvenile, i'm not so much a fan.
anything too serious and staunch, also not a fan.

kids need to be able to be kids in their room, with a space that will let their imagination grow free. with color and whimsy. but i also like that smooshed in with furniture that isn't cheap, that you aren't going to replace in 2 years, that will grow with them until they move on to college, if you so choose to keep it around that long.
ones that don't scream 'baby' or 'child.'
know what i mean?

this weekend i was on society6 looking for art for my family room/den/whatever you call it.
i came across artist greg guillemin.

he does pop art of some of your favorite super heroes.
(some a little raunchy (!) but also some that you could squeeze in a little boy's room).

after i saw these, i wished i had a little boys room to decorate.

batman and spiderman brushing their teeth:

find here and here.

and batman and spiderman eating their favorite junk food:

find here and here.

i thought they'd be cute hung in pairs, or alone.
mixed in to a gallery wall, or alone.

i wouldn't put them in a super hero themed room, because i don't think i'd ever do one of those, but mixed in with other stuff and i think they'd be kinda rad.

like this child's room i've had saved on pinterest for forever:

(sorrry, source unknown, via pinterest)

complete with spiderman sheets on his big boy bed.

how do you like your kids' rooms?

hope you had a great weekend.


Friday, May 3, 2013

flowers for friday #144


beautiful flowers and beautiful friday!
not beautiful weather, but.
i am so sick of work.
i will take friday however it comes.

(it snowed yesterday here in kc. gross gross grooooooooosssssss.)

but i'm rising above it.
everybody now:

do the carlton.

(i found this on yhl the other day and it made my heart so happy! i miss the fresh prince! and carlton! and g! and all the rest of them.)

happy friday.


{flowers via ruffled blog}

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

it's may!

it's finally may. finally.

i feel like this winter was a perpetual monday.
with the hope of tuesday, and good heavens... the weekend! just around the corner.

it was the hardest winter i've had yet.
lots of personal junk and some terribly gross weather.
it all mixed and swirled into this gray monday-ness.
april really couldn't even classify as 'spring' until like... a day ago.
this weather has been nuts.
(and i won't even tell you the snow word is in the forcast for tomorrow night>! wtf.)

it's may.
and just being may makes me feel better.
i'm moving forward and leaving that junk behind.
(barring the weather man is just plain nuts and it's not really going to snow tomorrow. a girl can hope.)

but it's may!!

happy may day.

all of these images are from my favorite source.
it's so european, eclectic, colorful, amazing.
i wish my house could come from its pages. honestly.
right up my alley.

all from nuevo estilo.
can you get that subscription in the US?
i'm going to try and find out.

but until then,

happy may!
can i say it again?

happy may!!