Monday, May 6, 2013

for the boys:

i like kid bedrooms that have a healthy dose of adult furniture and maturity, with an even healthier dose of kid. all mixed together.

anything too juvenile, i'm not so much a fan.
anything too serious and staunch, also not a fan.

kids need to be able to be kids in their room, with a space that will let their imagination grow free. with color and whimsy. but i also like that smooshed in with furniture that isn't cheap, that you aren't going to replace in 2 years, that will grow with them until they move on to college, if you so choose to keep it around that long.
ones that don't scream 'baby' or 'child.'
know what i mean?

this weekend i was on society6 looking for art for my family room/den/whatever you call it.
i came across artist greg guillemin.

he does pop art of some of your favorite super heroes.
(some a little raunchy (!) but also some that you could squeeze in a little boy's room).

after i saw these, i wished i had a little boys room to decorate.

batman and spiderman brushing their teeth:

find here and here.

and batman and spiderman eating their favorite junk food:

find here and here.

i thought they'd be cute hung in pairs, or alone.
mixed in to a gallery wall, or alone.

i wouldn't put them in a super hero themed room, because i don't think i'd ever do one of those, but mixed in with other stuff and i think they'd be kinda rad.

like this child's room i've had saved on pinterest for forever:

(sorrry, source unknown, via pinterest)

complete with spiderman sheets on his big boy bed.

how do you like your kids' rooms?

hope you had a great weekend.


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