Wednesday, May 1, 2013

it's may!

it's finally may. finally.

i feel like this winter was a perpetual monday.
with the hope of tuesday, and good heavens... the weekend! just around the corner.

it was the hardest winter i've had yet.
lots of personal junk and some terribly gross weather.
it all mixed and swirled into this gray monday-ness.
april really couldn't even classify as 'spring' until like... a day ago.
this weather has been nuts.
(and i won't even tell you the snow word is in the forcast for tomorrow night>! wtf.)

it's may.
and just being may makes me feel better.
i'm moving forward and leaving that junk behind.
(barring the weather man is just plain nuts and it's not really going to snow tomorrow. a girl can hope.)

but it's may!!

happy may day.

all of these images are from my favorite source.
it's so european, eclectic, colorful, amazing.
i wish my house could come from its pages. honestly.
right up my alley.

all from nuevo estilo.
can you get that subscription in the US?
i'm going to try and find out.

but until then,

happy may!
can i say it again?

happy may!!


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