Tuesday, May 7, 2013

neeeeed this.

you guys.
i saw this this morning and gasp! i need it.

(i'd take that hair and her necklace, too.)

i can't find where to buy it.
but i want it.
i think it'd make the most excruciatingly, devastatingly, handsome swimsuit cover-up.

here are 2 things that i have in my brain that makes me feel confident that i should attempt to make this cover-up for myself to wear this summer:

1-- i watch project runway.
like every season. every episode. of all time.
so that gives me all the false confidence in the world, that i can also do what they do in a day. or hours. it just might take me a smidge longer. (or alot.)

2-- i actually bought a dress form.
i bought it at an estate sale a while back. because i couldn't not buy it.
it was my exact body proportions and it was only $10. sure it was from 1950 but i figure they used to make things better back then anyway.

so with those 2 things in my arsenal, i figure....
why the heck not?
i sew. (kinda.)

i'm now looking for lots of yards of a breezey gauzy fabric. white preferably.

and then.
i'm gonna try.

(does project runway do that to any of you guys, too? make you just want to make stuff?)

until then.


1 comment:

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