Friday, May 24, 2013

flowers for friday #147

tis the season.

peonies to bloggers is like meth to central missouri.

my backyard is getting ready to explode. i counted last night, because i had never done so before, but the dear old woman who lived in my house before me planted 19 peony bushes. all of which are getting ready to burst wide open.

i'm afraid i'll be gone when it happens. is that sad?
heading to my family's lake house for the holiday this weekend.
husband is staying behind to get some work done. werk shmerk.
but he will be there to sing and dance in the moonlight (har har) for my 19 peony bushes. and with approx. 49 buds per bush... that's a hefty load of the good stuff right there.

they will still be there when i get back, but i have to say:
i'm no gardener. i'm actually really freakin awful at it. and not for lack of trying.
but plants just don't make it in my care.
however, these peonies are THRIVING. after 4 summers with them, too!
(she says, knocking on wood.)

my grandma told me (who not only has one massive green thumb, BUT TWO!) that when they get this big, i should divide them in the fall to keep them healthy. i don't know if she's right but she's been doing it her whole lifetime so i trust her.

i guess fall is dividing time.
i probably won't do it because they probably wouldn't survive.
and it scares me.

so i'll just enjoy them as they are now.

i hope you have a great weekend.


{image via sfgirlbybay}

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