Monday, April 29, 2013

DIY martha magnets.

i had a great great weekend!
i want those weekends, every time. i didn't want it to end.

but i have a small, $2.99 diy that i did on sunday
and it only took me 20 minutes.
(and most of that time was looking through an old martha magazine from the 'archives')

easy cheap crafts are my favorite.

first, buy a sheet of $2.99 adhesive magnet for another project and get sidetracked.

days later, lazily look through an old martha stewart living on a totally gorgeous day,
with all your windows open, and not a care in the world.
(that part's important!)

this martha happened to be from april, 2010.

find the spread on citrus fruits quite beautiful and think to yourself, "self, where can i use this! i just love it!"
then rip it out.

then remember your magnet sheet that you were supposed to use for something else!

then stick them on there.
making sure it is smooth and without any bubbles.


keep cutting.
keep your lines straight!


throw on fridge in your pink cottage kitchen,
on a totally gorgeous and lazy day, with all the windows open.

zoom in closer:


i love love a covered refrigerator.
it shows people live there! and their lives are important to them.

we always had our pictures and art and A+ papers on my family's refrigerator growing up and i plan to keep that going.

and my new magnets help that along.
plus they're pretty with my pink walls.
and i love them.

and do you want to see something cute?:

that's husband jay and i, on only the second day we had ever known each other.

in mexico on senior spring break. where we met. 2002.

only 18 years old and totally smitten with each other.

and that's also friend peter.
in puka shells no less.

back to the craft at hand.
don't you ever read your martha and LOVE the way its laid out?
how thoughtful they are with placement and color?
the photography?

it's like art every month in a magazine.
this time i decided to do something about it.
thanks, martha stew.

hope you had a great weekend.



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