Wednesday, April 10, 2013

blueberry pizza.

i had really high hopes for this blueberry/ricotta/white cheddar/honey pizza.

i found it on pinterest

and made it this weekend.

maybe it was that blueberries aren't at their best right now.

but it just turned out kinda... good.
when i was expecting amazing.

i liked it. not going to lie, we ate it :)
so why am i talking like it was a fail? it wasn't a fail. it was good.
not kinda good, either. it was yummy.
i was just hoping for more.

you can find the recipe here.
(since i've talked you into how awesome it is, ha.)

i am going to make it again, with a few changes.
first, i'll start when it's blueberry season, and they're sweet and delicious.
i think that was my first problem, i wanted it to be sweet and savory but it turned out basically... just savory.

next, i might skip the ricotta and trade it in for goat cheese.
i love goat cheese. it makes anything better.

but the rest, i liked.

buttery flaky dough.
sharp white cheddar.
BASIL. (just basil. basil basil basil. i love fresh basil.)
sweet honey with a kick of red pepper flakes.
blueberries and ricotta.
a little salt.

see.... doesn't it sound like it'd be the best thing in the whole wide world? 

i think it can be. i just made it too early.
i'll get back to you in the summer when blueberries are hot.

until then,
have you ever done that?

found a recipe that you thought would make you weak in the knees to be disappointed by something that was actually good? sounds nutty.


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  1. Wow, I love how these turned out! I am feeling motivated to give etching a try...I don't know why it seemed so 'scary' to me. LOL interior glass doors