Thursday, April 25, 2013

today's musings.

you see, friends.

today started off... the worst.
i don't know why but when i woke up i could feel it was going to be just the worst. the worst worst.
just life hurdles to get over, junky thoughts, and crazy work schedules, etc etc etc.

so then i got a little sad.
and the blueness continued through my shower, on into my drive to work and well into the morning.
maybe there were tears while driving to work?
there may or may not have been.
and tears for nothing in particular means there are tears over everything, you know what i mean?
i would classify them as 'overwhelmed tears'.
just the worst.

and work? well it was just as nuts as i expected when i walked in the door.
barraged with phone calls and a to-do list before i even made my tea.
(i still haven't made that tea!)

so the morning got even dumber.

then my sweet sweet friend, joanna, sent me a photo from way back when.
for no reason. she just found it and wanted to share.

from 2006 to be exact.
when i visited her, and elle, for the very first time out of college, in nyc.

the photo is not the worst, it's the very best!

things of importance to note:
first- our baby faces. our fresh from college baby faces.
second- our beers. in sacks. for the subway ride, obviously.
third- my outfit! our happy faces.

it was exactly what my day needed to whip right back out of this funk !!

so for lunch (at my desk) (remember....the work?) 
which i'm enjoying as i type...
i'm eating this:

ridiculous office iphone photo... but delicious spinach dip!
made with greek yogurt. as in 'good for you'.

and it's so good!!!!
i had to share.
point 2 for the day.

go get yourself some.
go to costco.
they have this one, and a spinach jalepeno dip i want to try next.

so my day by 12:30 has proven to be a little bit better.
and i firmly believe that you somewhat have power over your happiness.
that you can choose to be happy or you can choose to not.
i made the decision this morning to pout.
but i've since convinced myself to change my mind.
thanks, jo.
and also, spinach dip.
you guys are the best.

and also also.... 

mother nature is very pretty right now.


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