Wednesday, April 17, 2013


i love instagram, it's no lie.
nor is it a secret.
but i love watching more than participating.

i don't really feel my life is filled with that much interesting, beautiful, exciting stuff to shove into the world's face... but i know that i am! so i am trying to be better at it. seriously, life is beautiful. (cliche but true. don't roll your eyes at me.)

i feel a tangent coming on, but the other day at dinner with friends, i was discussing this very same fact: that i should/want to be taking more photos. i love photos. i love taking photos. i certainly love looking at photos. i want to document my life from here on out with tiny little square grams with innately cool filters applied. (oh the filters... they alone make ordinary life fancier.) so we implemented a one-(at least)-a-day photo challenge. of which i am not holding up my end of the bargain, but i intend to... fully.
you can follow along here: @jabarrier

back to today's post.

this lady, jihan zencirli, creator behind (my favorite) geronimo balloons,
creates the most lovely instagrams.

her life is full of craft, color, frill, ballooooons, and pretty festiveness and i can't get enough.
her instagram feed instantly makes me happier,
even in the crappiest of days or moods, and there have been a string of those lately...
her photos make me smile.

so i'm sharing a few with you today,
but you can follow her daily

and i encourage it.

this was a sample.
there's so much more.
not only does she share her balloon/frill making, she has a cute little pup with 3 legs, and she drives the. coolest. vintage. light blue. car. ever.

love her.
love her balloons.