Wednesday, June 12, 2013


i've always been a little more on the bohemian/eclectic side.
i like pattern, and color, and texture, just extra stuff. extra layers.
mexican/ethnic textiles, and bright colors.
it speaks to me more than anything else.
my friends in college used to call me 'expensive hippie'.
like i shave my armpits and bathe... lets not get crazy.
but my hair is crazy ass long and almost always left to dry on its own...
and i've been wearing maxi dresses for almost 15 years.
but lately, its even more than before!
i live in carefree-type layers of loose, worn-in tees, with scraggly denim cut-offs.
and i want my house to have to same feel.
casual. with a spark of a little somethin somethin.
does that even make sense?
it does in my head.
maybe its summer talking.
maybe it's the fact that half of the people i follow on instagram are from california and they're rubbing off :)
but this is me this summer,
and i want it to stick around.
i'm kicking off the starchy and proper,
and kicking-back.
join me?



all good things.
and maybe they don't even make total sense to you.
but they all evoke a feeling for me.
and i like it.
p.s. ascotfriday just bought a winnebago, the 'wertzebago'!
and i'm sure it will end up even cooler than the one just up above.
i kinda freakin love that idea and just added it to my life list.

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