Thursday, January 12, 2012

let's talk.

i loved domino, as we all did, and one of my favorite editors was rita konig.
i find her style right up my alley. she's a more-the-merrier type, with an eclectic, mixed, vintage-with-new, repaint, reupholster, and re-use, full on color and pattern style, and i loved her.

i recently found that she contributed to ny mag's blog, the t magazine, after domino. she did before and afters, some major insight to what she's thinking when she does it/why she likes it and why she doesn't kinda thing.

she doesn't do it any longer but i enjoyed going back and reading what she had written. you can do so here, if you so please. i recommend it.

here's her ny apartment that i love for its mix and color.
not to mention that dark pinky inky-purple velvet. delish.

while raving about a friend's beautiful monochromatic place, she said somthing that i seem to agree one million percent with, "...tom's taste is very tailored. all the upholstery is white, as is the fireplace and even his nonshedding dog. it is an incredibly controlled palette; even the art is almost entirely framed in white. personally i am terrible at this type of decorating. my mind is far too scattered and magpie-ish to keep myself to one vision. but for me, with rooms- as with people- it is the mix that makes it work."

love. that sounds like me to a t.
it makes me feel more confident about my scattered and magpie-ish self and style.

even her car is a fantastic orange and unapologetically retro.

her bedroom isn't one that i'd pick for myself but i find it charming and perfectly english, just like her.

some of her other before and afters in her own apartment:

this room she did for a client is exactly why i'm such a fan.

pattern and pattern and color. turquoise leather with a cozy white club chair.
ikat with damask.

do you enjoy her as much as i do?


{images via domino, ny times, apartment therapy, plush palate}

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