Wednesday, January 18, 2012


remember that video i posted of my fave photographer, stephanie rausser's?
with her daughter and her doll.

i'm re-posting because if you missed it, it'll brighten your day. and if you watched it last time, it'll brighten your day, again! watch it here.

i fell in love with that doll.
i didn't know who made it, if it was her mom, if she bought it...
if i could make one just like it?

she was so beautiful and handmade. much better than the massed produced versions.

then this month's living came and voila:

the dolls are EACH made by hand by this charming lady, jess brown.
she decided when she had a daughter she was going to handmake her something for christmas each year.
she started with a doll, just like this and her friends went nuts for it... as they should.

now she sells them at bergdorfs, custom for clients, and various other places.

i have pinned a few other handmade dolls. all my friends are having babies and babies and babies and i would have loved to have been on the ball a long time ago and make a doll for their sweet girl babies...
i wasn't, but it's not too late to start!

jess brown uses vintage fabric for the dolls' dresses and stockings.
so darn charming!!!!

the pink haired ones are kinda beyond.



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