Tuesday, October 18, 2011

shoot happiness.

stephanie rausser is a photographer i've stumbled upon in the last few months.
and the more i see, the more i love.

i (and you!) have seen her for years, just not knowing it was her, well i didn't at least.
she has photographed for conde nast traveler, glamor, health, people, real simple, self, shape and more and more magazines. she does commercial work for big people, like target. and a whole other long list i won't mention but it's here on her website.

what i really love most about her photography, is how she captures people at their happiest.

it doesn't look like she tells you to stand there and look to the left. now smile.
now, turn your chin down. bla bla bla bla.

it looks like she's getting you being you doing something you enjoy doing.
especially with children.
goodness sakes.

i mean. a sparkly backdrop with a prego belly? yesss.

happy, love, happiness, joy, love, and more happy.
she captures all the best feelings.
and in my opinion, she does it better than the rest of us.
go here to see lots lots more.

i want to be her when i grow up. you know what i mean.
she makes me want to grab my camera and never put it down!
to shoot more happiness.
especially the happiness going on around me in everyday life.

stephanie chronicled her daughter's relationship with her doll, coco, and
i haven't seen a more grand way to document a stage in a child's life such as this.

note to self: please remember to do this with your own children.
it is priceless and perfect, and being in paris doesn't hurt the cause, either.

here are a few of the photos she got of her daughter with her doll, but you should most definitely watch the whole video (with the music up if you can swing it).

i hope i haven't photog'ed you out with this post and all last week...
but i kinda like it if you haven't gathered that by now.


and if you need someone to capture you being you, i will most certainly try my hardest and enjoy every second of it. go here for more details.


  1. loved this post - i was having a horrid morning and it perked me right up! thanks friend!