Tuesday, October 4, 2011


remember these chairs? well 17 weeks ago (at least that's what it feels like) i told you i had spruced them up. given them a facelift. a whole new lease on life.

well. i'm finally back with the goods.

they got painted with this from the home depot.

it's the only oil based paint that they offer. and you are only given the options they sell in terms of color, but i thought the gray option, smoke gray, looked cute enough. and i have my eye on the cobalt blue color for a pair of night stands in my future...

turns out it was cute enough:

these were taken in the middle of the day showing how light the gray can be. you'll see later on down the line how moody it can be at night, too.

can you see how shiny this gloss paint is?

seriously! this stuff looks like lacquer. you could almost check your lipstick in it.
and i brushed it on... with no brush strokes!
i think the key in getting this glossy of a gloss is one- determined by the paint and this paint is GLOSSAY, but two- it has to do with painting with a good quality brush. i used a tried and true purdy brush.

(my dad was a painter while in college, and he swears by them, so so do i. that's how it goes.)

i couldn't show them to you until now because the paisley/indian pillows were cute but they were too small by themselves. so last night i finally got around to making their partners and now they look much much better.

also, you can see why i needed a pair of chairs with a low profile, because behind them is the tv. we can't have any obstructions of the rachel zoe project. or the bachelor. or football. duh.

the fabric on the pillows, and this might make you laugh, came from interesting places.

the paisley was an old silky shirt i had from way waaaay back in the day. is that weird? perhaps. but i loved the print and colors so i held onto it. i think it looks much better as a pair of dainty pillows... they bring out the fun colors in my rug, too. so i'm cool with weird.

the tan and white geo comes from west elm. they were a pair of shams that i bought awhile back on clearance. i think it was $8 for each. i knew i'd use them someday. so last night i sewed them into smaller pillows.

both came from the stack of hoarded fabrics i keep in that wood dresser/buffet/tv stand behind those chairs. as long as i can keep it all within 2 drawers i don't feel that bad. plus... i actually do end up using them. right? right.

whatya think?
i'm thinking the cushions are in line for some re-upholstering. they go a little too well with the carpet that i hate... but for now. it stays.