Wednesday, October 26, 2011

birthday picnic.

i turned 28 yesterday.

i didn't want a party, i didn't want a huge big deal made.
i just wanted a picnic with 2 of my favorite beings.
and thanks to God, the weather was nothing short of amaze. an 83 degree day full of nothing but sunshine and breezes. back to layers and chills today. lucky lucky lucky.

i took a half day off work and we made our way to loose park to have ourselves a picnic.

french bread, fresh olive oil marinated mozzarella, chocolate tart, lemonade, a quilt, and a caramel macaroon. {because it was #1 caramel, #2 a macaroon, and #3 i have no self control around that winning combination}

check, check, and check.

shorts and flip flops!
{and white legs!}

fall leaves.

a nap.

crazy beautiful view.

my pup.

this tart was more than what we had expected.
that white whipped gooey-ness...
was homemade marshmallowww, people!

that's the face that is required when eating heaven.

check out the marshmallow stache.
lookin good, babe :)

and because i'm always the one behind the lens... (this was our old point and shoot)
husband was snapping some of his very own.
i need to make a point to be present in our pictures more often.

the fam.

add all that up and it =
the best birthday spent yet.

be back shortly!


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  1. beautiful day and beautiful family ... looks like a perfect birthday to me ... thanks for sharing with your fans ...