Thursday, October 13, 2011

m + d. part IV.

last post.

if you haven't seen by now, this group of people were a joy to photograph because they were Fun! with a capital F.
boring doesn't stand a chance around these people.

this is maggie with her sisters.
basically a whole family of pretty.

and these next 2 deserve an explanation:

groom loves (LOVES) jordans. he has lots and lots and lots of them.
groom switches into a pair after the ceremony.

well, bride knows groom's love for jordans and she too
slips into a pair of the most lady-like white bridal jordans
on the market, just before the reception
without groom's knowledge.

time for the garter toss.
groom sees bride's shoes and has a moment.

its probably the sexiest thing bride could put on, in groom's eyes.

and i think it's awesome.

i really really really want to thank my sidekick extraordinaire, sean mcnally.
he killed it.

the end.


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