Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ruuuuuuuugs, people.

that would be my answer if you asked me what i'd buy today if i won mega-millions.
just after i had told you that i'd adopt a few precious babies who need a good home.

i love rugs.
the more colorful and quirky and ethnic, the better.

seriously. brighter = better.

(like this one. it NEEDS to go in my hallway. i'm holding out for one just like it.)

that's the problem. the brighter = better thing poses a problem for me.
you see, the older antique/semi-antique rugs were usually made with natural dyes
and they were brighter and less muddy.

today, most rugs i find available (that suit my budget) are murky colored
and brand spankin new out of the factory.

the holy grail.

i know you pay for what you get, i just can't swing that in my stage of life quite yet.

there are some really great and usually better priced options on ebay.
i just haven't gotten the guts to pull the trigger on any one yet...
the next 5 rugs were found there.

obviously i even like the strange ones.
more on this beloved weirdo here.

and i haven't forgotten about my favorite rug from madeline weinrib
that inspired the significantly more affordable ikea option.
no, it's not colorful but it'd look insanely awesomely good layered with any of the other options i have above.

is it odd to ask your husband for a rug for your birthday?
some girls want jewels, i'll settle for a kilim.

more maggie and derek coming up this afternoon!


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