Monday, October 10, 2011

m + d. part I.

so i'm finally finished editing maggie and derek's wedding.
my only goal was to get it to them before my wedding photographer got me mine.
 (because i know how lame it was to wait and wait and wait...)
i did beat my goal... but only by one day. sorry friends!!

the reason it took so long?
there were thousands to go through and i love these people so much, i wanted the very very best.

so here is the first of 5 installments. seriously. i want to share that many.
so i think we'll do a little every day this week!

just because she's pretty, he's handsome, and they now live happily ever after.

{our blog has a small space for photos, but if you click on them you can view them as large as i wish they could be on here}

 i love this one up her dress... the light is gorgeous. as was her dress. there were so many layers and ruffles, the stuff girly dreams are made of ;)

is she not sorta stunning?

stay tuned. more to come tomorrow.


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